Sarah's Sigh

Opportunities aren’t abound for women like me

My face has been stepped on

My history utterly destroyed

They haven’t fared well

If one can imagine them left in my position at birth
If our lives were switched

They would crumble

Their strength falter

On the other hand,

Living and surviving;

 a way of life for me

Ever since I was a darling

The image I impose

Leaves me at every disadvantage

I’m called forenames simply by being

They hate my presence

I’m half human, half worth it

My life never meaning more

I am a representation of disgust

Cruelty is my legacy

I wonder,

When there will be a break in my character

Where I cannot stand it anymore

Cracks creaking up the walls

Landfill wreckage incomplete

And then to my detriment

I cannot speak out

Kick and scream

Because I am just angry

With no true validation

They wave their hand speaking languages

Retelling fluff to percolate me

They use these weapons of choice

To configure my speech

Reality’s animation descends

Into ruined narrative

This owed report of my teachings

No longer distinguished as tragic

But held in vain

Diminished and shattered

My momentum has smashed into the glass ceiling

Many others tried

Warning me to take heed

From such a devastated plot twist

But my voice speaks on

Maybe my image can be one invoked

From bravery

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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