To My Dear Hyacinthus

When the flowers claw their way out of the barren ground

And bloom into the blue of your eyes

Will I be reminded of you


I remember the day I first saw you

A statue, mourning the loss 

Of something I’ll never know

The way your curls so modestly covered your head

A face lightly tainted by rain I brought by

How could I not fall for you? 

“Such a paragon for beauty should not be desecrated like this” I thought

And you laughed;

A chorus of angels 

I’d thought I’d never hear


We frolicked along the rolling hills

Discussed everything and nothing 

That passed our minds

Golden sunlight

A threat I could never perceive 

Illuminated moments I thought would be lost to the darkness

Glowing indigo

Curls that grazed those starry skies

I made sure each breeze carried the light spring air

It would be a sin to do otherwise

I remember the sweet caress of your hand

The way it felt so perfect next to mine

And a kiss I thought I’d never need

Better than any ambrosia I have ever tasted 

If I had my way, I’d stay in those arms forever 

Those eyes, those lips

Forever mine to love


And then the sun shone too brightly.


He made his way into your heart slowly, silently

Before I knew it he was yours and you were his

How could I not grieve?

Had you no love for me?

Did not our hearts beat in unison?

Did they not dance to the same beat?

They must have, I could recall such a time

But it seems now that they all belong to him

Those starry eyes only shine for him

Those ambrosia lips are only worthy enough for his own

Those curls, those gentle arms

Reserved for him forever more


That’s how the storm began.






All collided into a dark rainstorm, harsh winds rising from the westward horizon of my heart


I shouldn’t have been on the field that day.


Every day is grey without you

The sun no longer has the same shine

The once serene breezes have become biting and bitter

The hills look barren and dry


I miss you more than I can bear

And I know that any word of apology I say will mean nothing

I can only hope to make it up to you

I can only hope for the day that we reunite 

I’d swim the River Styx for you

And travel the endless Labyrinth

Just on hope alone

To see you 

To have you in my arms 

My dear Hyacinthus, agapi mou

I pray for the day the flowers break free from their graves

So I will be reminded of you once again 

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