Little Angles, a Tribute to the Fallen Children of Sandy Hook


Little Angles

A Tribute to the Fallen Children of Sandy Hook


You see their little faces, their hands, their feet, their hair.

Taken from you far too soon, and it’s not right, or fair.

The country will be mourning, crying for their death.

And random jumbled memories are all that you have left.

I know what you’re all thinking; you’re really mad at me.

You want to know how I could just sit back and let things be.

You’re asking why I didn’t stop him, freeze him where he stood.

Or why I didn’t strike him down, you know full well I could.

But my dear children listen well, for I will tell you why.

Why I didn’t kill the man, the reason for your cry.

That man’s heart was blackened by a hatred for the world.

He thought his only option was to harm these boys and girls.

He abused his special gift, a gift I gave to all.

He chose to abuse free will, and in turn, chose to fall.

Your children are all safe with me now, right here by my side.

They run, and play, and dance about, they match me stride for stride.

I know that it won’t fix this horror, won’t take your pain away.

But know that they’re not gone forever. You’ll see them here someday.


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