No Longer Safe


United States
40° 38' 54.1464" N, 73° 58' 48.234" W

You remember the hands
the grip that held you in place
the force he stained in your soul
in your inner grave.
You remember the pain,
how he yelled,
you screamed,
the vulnerability.
The will to fight, to keep fighting
No one came
you were being hurt,
on the street
in a car
In your home not to far.
In your temple
there was a hole.
She was elevating
beyond the corners of her skin.
then she'll remember you.
She does remember you
your scent, your face and your power.
She remembers the fear, your marks all over the place.
She sees how the candlelight almost out
the mental replay on all the time.
She knows her course has changed,
her faith damaged
hope lost
She knows because of you
she is no longer safe.


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