Loyalty Till Death


I am hearing my name, faintly.
The crying, the yelling, getting clearer.
I am coming to, realizing what has happened.
Glass, all over, windshield shattered.
I glance over to Em, mouth moving
Words seem so distant, she's right there.
Looking left, a tree, within arms reach.
Jay, Jay, Jay. My legs, I'm stuck.
Hearing the urgency in Em's voice,
Adrenaline now pumping, becoming aware.
I see that Em's legs are trapped between,
The engine block and the seat.
I smell a familiar scent, harsh and bitter,
Starting to see grey cloud encircling the car.
I look to Em, Baby look at me, its alright,
I am going to get you out of here.
I unbuckle, crawl out the damaged window,
I instantly feel the heat, the heat of open flames.
I glance to the rear of the car, gasoline on fire.
Crawling over the car, holding Em
Through the broken window.
Cursing, swearing, door won't budge.
Asking god for help, the strength,
To unbind her broken legs.
I hear sirens, see flashes,
Baby, help is here, Paramedics.
A minute feels like an eternity,
Watching, as I hold Em's hand,
We try and try, resources exhausted,
The heat is getting more intense now.
The paramedics telling me no time,
Fire is crawling slowly, like creeping death.
Em turns to me, Jay, I love you.
No, No, don't say that, I am getting you out.
Em knows the gravity of the situation,
Holding back tears, she grasps my hands,
Honey, listen, tell the kids I love them.
No, No, I can't lose you baby, I can't.
I release her hand, turn to the medic,
Tell our kids we love them,
And tell them, I couldn't leave their mom.
I turn back to Em now, grasp her hand,
This point she is crying, i wipe away tears
Em, I won't leave you, Baby.
Fire is getting intense now, almost unbearable.
I stare into Em's eyes, I've always loved you.
Remember, a life time on earth,
Is an blink of an eye in heaven.
Em, close your eyes with me,
The next time we open them,
There they will be, our kids, waiting for us.
I Love You Baby, Always Have, Me Too.

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