Still a Tragedy


"Still a Tragedy" by Dayo d. Dejo 

No matter the verdict, no matter the law  
No matter the race of the people involved 
No matter the facts presented on board 
No matter the time taken in court  
No matter whose voice cried for help  
No matter whose pain was deeply felt  
No matter whose blood on streets were spilt  
No matter the shame nor the guilt  
No matter who had the right  
No matter who started the fight  
No matter what it looked like  
No matter an emotion felt from fright  
No matter the gender of the jury  
No matter whose mother was really worried 
No matter the system, no matter the lawyer  
Reported from Cooper or from Sawyer  
No matter how many were appalled  
No matter what names that were called  
No matter the gore nor the gall 
No...None of it matters at all 
What really makes it all sad to see 
Is that few realize this is a tragedy  
All I can say is R.I.P  
But God's verdict is all that matters to me 


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