Life Is Too Short

Of course, it was a date.

I was lying back on the chair,

my nervous heart pumping,

While she sat on the other side of the table

Looking beautiful as ever.

This was it,

First round of sushi.

Four rolls set in front of us,

Every one of them appearing tasty

And smelling like the deep sea.

Luckily, I had watched a video before coming

On ways to use chopsticks,

So I wouldn't look like an incompetent middle-eastern boy.

The second round had just begun.

It didn't seem like she was enjoying this

Because she kept looking at her phone,

Blinding her from my irresistible looks

and talent at using chopsticks.

I mean I wasn’t offended

But I expect a girl to respect a guy

Who pays for her dinner.

The third round is the scariest round.

I can feel my stomach popping out,

And I have the slightest feeling to back out

To pay for the sushi we couldn't finish.

No, No, No!

I need to prove to her that I am not friend zone material,

So I must finish one more roll.

I quickly stuffed my mouth with sushi,

And I knew that I had made the greatest mistake.

Choking, I couldn’t yell or breathe.

I tried grabbing the phone out of her hands to get her attention,

But she held it firm in her hands with unreal power.

I died right there on the third round of sushi,

But at least she had to pay for the sushi now.


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interesting.... I strangely like it.

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