Alliterating Murder


United States
33° 46' 3.0864" N, 117° 56' 32.9064" W

Cursing lights flood the dark,
Stains of grey upon the road
Twisting, Wrenching
Streams Slip
Slowly, slickly, down the damp
hills hidden behind the curve of my left shoulder
----suntanned, scarred----
so close and far at the same strokes
of singular seconds.
Sound the swift waves of fear,
See the blood wine water the savory stains of grey
Upon the road, translucent and clear.
The fabled feathers of lush lashes
no longer lift from the
top crests of your cheeks
like the way your body bulges from under wheels
---grinded into the dark of concrete----
The stains of grey stay within my sight.
Slowly, the shine of yours sink softly within the waters
of sweet, saccharine sleet.


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