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The night is chasing the sun. It's always like this at home, the deep sky getting darker the further you tilt your head up. It's nearly black up there, at the top. (The top? The middle? The end?
The night is chasing the sun. It's always like this at home, the deep sky getting darker the further you tilt your head up. It's nearly black up there, at the top. (The top? The middle? The end?
The night is chasing the sun. It's always like this at home, the deep sky getting darker the further you tilt your head up. It's nearly black up there, at the top. (The top? The middle? The end?
The night is chasing the sun. It's always like this at home, the deep sky getting darker the further you tilt your head up. It's nearly black up there, at the top. (The top? The middle? The end?
" MOON LIGHT" 🥀🥀 We living as stars . ✨ But only we don't fall, all night ball, like stars ✨ we own all night under the moon 🎑 light, charging my Star light. I wanna shine bright .
A lot of people had come and gone. Even those we confined on. Regardless betrayal. It's absolutely true that, even a family can never be together forever,
                                            Te ofrezco mi dulce corazón todos los días En lugar del cielo y pasteles de miel Te ofrezco ramos de flores bonitas
Wings of clouds, sail souls to see, seas of stars, Like happy children,  aura lifts lofty hearts from scars,
Acrylic lens lectured  with Sea’s skin, Sky’s eyes, and Earth’s tongue  In Clouds’ classrooms of purple sequins 
Dr aw near  Tou ch me  With your palms of laughing lights  With tips of thousand suns and moons  Closer than water to my earth.  
Tonight love speaks its magic  Surreal hands, poetic voice The cost of romance and opacity of intimacy. Fair legacies beyond impressions and fragrances 
Momma said there’d be days like these The sweat on your brow And the pain in your knees Momma said how the world can often be hard How the ones that you love Can leave you with scars
If you can, sunshine, look up at the sky. There you'll see stars, and this all will pass by.   Our world is on fire, but just hold on tight. I'll sing to you, sugar. Our last lullaby.  
The sky still whispers In slowly moving slumber Falling, I listen 
I got on the ropeway for my rendezvous,Yell! Those arresting eventful near twenty minutes!Though a sudden trip, first time had a birds eye view,Of the most gripping serene sights from the peak.
O distant star, shining bright,Visible in the east, at twilight,This guide of my travels, a lodestone of my life,Content I am, knowing you are always there, Even if out of sight.  
Stop feeling sorry for yourself or other people. Be strong for yourself and your loved ones.Be selfish for sake of your own success,Failure is not a death sentence,But an unnoticed staying down,Stop feeling sorry for yourself rather,Wake up!
The Jewel of the night sky, the pearl, the moon, the teardrop in my eye, the pearl, the moon, one look just makes me cry, the pearl, the moon, to live and then to die,
𝓗𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓰𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓷 𝔀𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓼 𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓱𝓲𝓹 𝓑𝓮𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓶 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓼𝓴𝔂 𝓲𝓼 𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓐 𝓱𝓪𝔃𝓮 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓯𝓸𝓰𝓼 𝓶𝔂 𝓼𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓐 𝓶𝓲𝓼𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓬𝓪𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓫𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓷𝓽 𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓭 𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓮𝓼,  𝓯𝓾𝓵𝓵 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓻𝓲𝓹𝓮
As I spilled the crimson petals, The air around me, began to fill with it's fragrance. And as the sun began to set, It's rays painted the sky in diff shades of colours. But the sunset that I created,
When sleep eludes me, What can I do? When wounds won't bleed, And those truths which I thought I knew, About myself, are no longer me; How does this crow fly in a sky which is no longer blue?  
Baking, broiling, blindingly bright, blistering sun,The kabob that is my body searing, skeweredOver scorching, sweltering, sizzling sand.Deceptively blue skies devoid of any deliverance,
sky of clouds looms heavy over my head like the weight of your love pushing down on my shoulders.   streams of milky sugar line the cotton-candy sunset and it's a bittersweet feeling.  
Sometimes at night as the sun is setting, Falling below the hills like an old balloon, I see them. Mountains in the sky Ominous mounds of magic or cloud  
Do You Ever Take The Time To Just Recline … And FEAST Your Eyes On … " The Sky At Night " … ? Last Night I DID And It Was Quite A Trip … !!!!!
How do I see Babylonians? (People who move/live like vampires, leeches, etc.)
You cast the shadow. I tend to hide behind it. We are an eclipse.
Colors in the clouds Illuminated by sun- God's coloring book
So full of questions He said with a smirk and laughter in his eyes. Yes But you are so full of answers I answered back with a simple tone. He laughed and I watched the way
There was a time I thought nature had forgotten me. That I had been gone too long to hear her breathing. I decided then that I wasn’t going to let her walk out of my life like so many others, so I left.
Looking up I will see the Archer high above me his bow pointing at me his star eyes staring coldly fear it surrounds me   as I flee knees collapsing
Off you go, daughter To a land of your own For you and yours To glow, and grow   I love you, and I love you too
The sky, The sky How true, How blue All day bright, With cuts long and white But all night dark, With beautiful points of light  
Do you ever look at the stars and just leave home? Leave earth? Because when I see those shining beauties dotted like white paint, They take me to a universe without any distractions. An interesting thing about stars,
The joy of the soulis measured by feelings.Smiling, you float over the forgetfulness lost in the twilight of the evening
its always been you you've been there all along the perfect harmony to my everlasting song you took my breath away you made me proud of who i am today you helped me to see who i really am
the stars fell from the skys, and settled upon her cheeks.    moonlight flowed from her fingers,  illuminating everything she touched. 
Clouds are endless, When way up high, towards the edges of the sky.   Also soft, Plush, enough to catch The common by and by. Stars, those shooting stars When the sky falls.  
One dayA girl was flying, with wings made of dreams. She crafted these wings one day.
I was up early this morning, and saw a sunrise. The whole sky was the purple-grey, and it scared me.   Last night, when I was still up, I looked outside and the whole sky was purple-black
Gave of salacious self, your just due My one and only dream I wanted to come true Earthbound after a meteorite crash Healing properties within this castaway shall come to pass Wings has been tenderly clipped
gazing up at the midnight sky she admired the vast gleaming stars above and wondered   wondered, if they saw her too wondered, if they loved her too   the cool breeze beside her was nudging
Hanging from the edge of the world A grip on this reality waning A river in flight and a flowing sky   An upside down My celestial home
In the 60's you were magical, in my young mind I knew that you could grant wishes. So I watched you I even claimed a star and named it Michael because I loved him so.  
I will never know for sure where the falling stars fall, Or where the black hole ends; I can never be for sure if magic exists Or if our lives are all pretend.  
I will never know for sure where the falling stars fall, Or where the black hole ends; I can never be for sure if magic exists Or if our lives are all pretend.  
I can dream of all Summer, winter, fall Flying in the sky Makes me never cry Wanna be the one That changes tears in fun...
I feel like the clouds are in the sky I feel like it is a gray day  But I look out my window and notice the light, the blue skies, the bristling wind The chill still seeps in through the windows
Dear Sky,   I’m so sorry little star, You’ll be next to go Light keeps disappearing behind the char We must reap what we sow  
A sky abound with Sun untoldClouds and tears of ages old,A curl of childs hand upraisedTo skies unbound, the Moon unfold.
The Mountain tall, It stands with pride. It soars with trees upon its side, A pointing shard, Her Standing guard. Waiting there below his Bride.  
  Winding Strands of silken air, Rushing 'round my clothes and hair, Round and round the Earth they fly, Climbing high without a care.  
On top of a mountain surrounded by snow.Eyes looking everywhere where did you go?My fingers slipped right from your graspedand led me to my life's last. Where did you go?
I shall chase the sunand catch the starsride the moon however farclimb the peaksand swim the oceansnorth to southmy heart opensThe stars your necklacethe planets your rings
Dear Sky,   Thank you for housing the clouds that I dream on and the stars that gleam on.   Thank you for reminding me of the infinity of color and making the day seem fuller.  
The wind blows softly, guiding small snowflakes on their dance through the sky.
I've dreamt of becoming the moon,Just for once to have the role of the,Introvert.Listening to the organisms,Of Earth.Observing.Without words to be spoken.
You that made me laugh You that kept me warm You that have my heart  Has now won my soul.   The way you held my hand made me smile, warm was your touch like the warmth of the sun.
It’s been a year: 365 days, 8760 hours, A full rotation around our star.   I left you on the pier: A boat filled dock,
Look up towards the sky You who are weary, Look up towards the sky You who whisper softly
your eyes are as bright as the twinkling starson a cloudless nighteveryone can’t help but to stop and stareat the beauty of the earthuncovered in the night skygracefully dipped in moonlight
set me free so I can fly I really want to die do you know the reason why neither do i but I am going to try I want to fly high maybe I will reach the sky maybe I am going to cry
The Seas And the Skies The color In his eyes Your hue makes me warm You’re a thunderstorm He holds the moon dear
Your light shines bright, It guides me through the night, It allows me to see through the depth of the darkness, And casts deep shadows across the ground from the trees, Frogs and crickets shout with glee,
You can’t catch a cloud, you can’t restrain something not tangible. It’s made of water, But you can’t grasp a cloud; it’s very real, but you can’t hold a cloud in your hand.   Unknown to most,
No one asked why No one asked how.. No one even asked what Chicken Little wasn’t a boy She wasn’t a kid She wasn’t crazy And her sky was falling But what was her sky ?
you are so beautiful. Sometimes you're the warmest thing on earth,other times you're the signal that sends An evanescent chilling sensation through my body. It still amazes me how people take you for granted.But then again before I grew I did tooN
There was a moment in time      When all was right      And everything rhymed   The sun shone bright   Cloud fluffs dotted a gradient blue sky While a child was born into her father’s hands
We Might've Been   We might've been the curving night - dim, blinding and empty We might've been your mother's knife - sharp, hard but flimsy We might've been the tiled floors
Las estrellas piensan que llorar es un pérdida de tiempo Queme brillante Su luz eclipsa el cielo Cuando tu muertes Los nubes llorarán
Sometimes the brightest star The one carrying the most promise And the object of your love and hope                         f                              a                                    l
  To my Dearest, Sky,
I'm with her and feel at ease   No   That's a lie I want to write something to convince myself That her is you  But it's not If I kiss her I miss you 
i'm from the top of the mountain close to the sky where the men don’t yell and the kids don’t cry where the clouds taste sweet
The way that the sun sets and the sky looks as if it’s on fire, Sitting on the edge looking down endless rows of trees and wanting to be even higher,  
Thanksgiving Day   I slip in and out of dreams. I drift into darkness, lightness, and finally into the crisp glow of daylight.
The traveler stopped for restthe sky a silver hue,the sun setting in the westthe waters, a dark blue.
Rolling hills of white Up higher than a kite. Such beauty as surreal As the fading water wheel. Up on Heaven's Shoulders I gaze upon the Earth. Up on Heaven's Shoulders
on my way to class I look to the west and see the changing sky
Looking up at night Is what makes me feel good. To see the sky alight, Makes me feel like I could Fly up and join the stars That shine in the sky, And be swallowed by the dark.    
Inspiration for true love, you always remain, With your ineffable look and idyllic thoughts, Your dulcet expressions are very iridescent, When two lovers are kissing in garden.
 Get in the car. Drive for a little while. Among the dusty plains. It's a place I call home. Don't know anything else. Purple ringed skies. In the air carries no lies. I can breathe easy tonight. The radio is real loud. But it soothes the soul.  A
Swimming through air Floating then plunging Through depths Gliding over Whispy vessels afloat On nothingness Effortless
She used to tell me the skies were beautiful.With not a single cloud in it and fluent shade of baby blue.In her mind, clear skies represented beauty.
Shivers on skin-I walked among stars,held them in my armsand embraced them tight,as I felt how my veins filled up with light.I, too, wanted to be a fallen one,to look for a placewhere I could hope
I wonder-have you come to understandwhy the world is silent at nightand what it means to be listeningto the darkness of the sky,to be hoping a star might whisper to youthe secret 
Tonight should be made holy,it should be painted with lightsand up there, in heaven, together with themshould your luminous face reside.Tonight should be kept safebetween your eyelashes 
I am still just a shadow.I am still just star dust.I am still part of a Universe I never quite knewbut I'm homesick for. I bleed only to pull the stars out by their edges.
There are galaxies behind your eyes With more than a million stars. But why the constellations of your skies Look exactly like my scars?
It was clear, it was blue, not a cloud in sight. It was a warm summer day,  the sun kissed my cheeks in the most satisfying way. His eyes caught every beam of light 
You chased stars,I ran after trains You threw yourself into dreams,And I jumped in front of carsBut in those moments When we sat by the tracks And looked into the sky Together,
all i need is the sky, everything she has--    whispers            dreams everything she gives-- raindrops           color           lights   i thank her with blue passion,
What happens when a window becomes bare? Deprived of lonely security- Which normally was aided by dull, pitiful curtains, Will it survive the prodding of light infiltration?
I stand here My eyes burning My throat like sandpaper Under the sun Under the sky Under the influence of my mind I stand here   Thoughts wander and weave Under the sky
Wispy clouds sweep across the vast ocean above Grass whispers the heartbeat of the tide Rolling gently out and back again Feathered fish dart into cloud-waves And you wish flying were so easy
Even though you can no longer see me Look at the sun when it rises Look at the moon and stars   Even though you no longer feel me
under the sober sky neither are dry. though nearby a far cry.  C    R         R    A        B
The sun is a favorite star, until it sets. then there is only you. shining in a brilliant darkness, you and I  in an ocean of messy stars. i am so small in this place-
Often I look up to the Skies Relishing the beauty it holds Adorned at night by twinkling Stars And daily by the fiery Sun The full moon so enthralling The wavy Clouds so gorgeous
Poetry cannot be taught, nor beauty be described Neither can you see in me something that defined The colors of my skin. Scars are tattoos in many ways - permanent and painful.
Zipper in the sky A demons hand You wonder why?
Place me on a platform  made of copper.  Gold is too good.  Hold me up,  hold me high.  Promise to never set me down.  On my own feet.  I wish to see the sky  without distraction. 
On the day of July 20, 1969 A fateful man changed the outlook of mankind The first steps he recorded in outer space Captivated and astonished the entire human race Now as I look up at the moon and the stars
Matter doesn't matter, it's chemicals that scatter. It's your food, it's air, it's water. It's human and nature. It's infinite space around us. It flows like rivers and falls like snow.
He thought the sky was falling, And i felt it shatter ever day as the sun was setting, She landed on my eyes, we always fall together She blushes as the sun is put to rest,
the stars glint above us, they shine with all the power of the universe poured into them. one, so full of energy bursting at the seams, shoots itself into the vast, ominous sky. i make a wish, 
Grandfather I wonder why you passed so quickly I miss you ever day but you died from being sickly Sometimes I wonder what heaven is like Are you with angels taking a high flight?
Suprise, The stars are bright, Only, Only this sky belongs to, Night. Power to the moon.   Sun, It sets in the West, It, It to me is the, Best.
Kite grasped within a child's gripThin string suddenly slipsLost past burnt finger tips.Once was so dear, no long hadDevoured by blue quick sand.To the nothing reaches desperate, empty hands.
Who is it that I see when I look into the sky? Is it her? No, maybe it’s her. No, neither, it’s a blank canvas to me.
Sometimes When night clutches the sky I look up at the Heavens And gaze at those stars A feeling always seizes my being As thoughts whirl around my mind Because I cannot help but wonder
In the palm of my hand Is a grain of sand  
Oh, how I yearn to see the ocean again. The soft, cool foam drifts up the sand. It glides over my feet, And pulls me by the hand.   Quickly, it splashes my mouth.
So here I am Thinking About the thoughts That won't come About the fututre. And as I think My mind swirls And the nothingness That comes in waves Stops.
One time I got some coke that was real funky, wet and chunky, turned my nose into a rubber hose that couldn't find the end of a line--   Another time I got this:  
I am like a star, a brilliant shining star. I may not always be noticed,  but I am always there. I am not discouraged by others,  and I always hold strong in my darkened night.
When my heart aches
I dont know about you but I wake up flawless everyday No doubt in my mind I'm beautiful in everyway
Let me take over the sky's 
Earlier this morning, I awoke to yellow. It was a soft yellow; Yellow cherry blossoms. . Now, Blue's blankets are gone. He stretches - endlessly. And white planes' ribbon-trails
Human kind, which I am a part of, is an organism able to create and solve its own crisis,
I am a moon dragged through the ever present void of space filled with holes lacking a proper apnospere to protct me from the realities of our world stars burn my skin  but I remind myself 
You determine your success your life is up to you. Hard work, dedication, determination. Till its the only thing you know.  The struggle is real struggle is the only thing you feel.
Congratulations. Success is in the palm of your hand. Meanwhile, my palms are sweaty and my heart beats at a rate you wouldn't understand. Everything seems bland, since I don't give my colors a chance.
You are an ocean of mystery: inexplainable, inexplicit, infinite I read somewhere that 95% of the ocean is unexplored
Much like a woman is the sky. In the afternoon she is there, attending to her daily routine. She shines bright, yet is taken for granted most days. As evening nears, the night is only just beginning. 
Baby, you make me smile. You make me want to run a mile. Maybe even let my responisibilities pile. Baby, I wanna stick around for awhile. Just for you, I will exile all those who try to be hostile.
These words cant even express my love for you they can only entertain ones mind We had many things in common but was not common was our time.  when i heard that you were gone  i couldnt help but to cry.
Today I saw a homeless man, so I decided to buy him lunch. He said with tears in his eyes that he had not eaten in days and said thank you so much.
Among the stars
Up in the sky, Where all you do is sing,  Is a beautiful place,  Filled with people on wings,  Once we leave this place,  Forever saying goodbye,  I'll see you again,  In that place in the sky 
The sky turned sepia today. The streets, trees, and cars, Everything awash with yellow.   The woman with fire for hair Walking her proud dog  Was reduced to a silent figure,
The sky turned sepia today. The streets, trees, and cars, Everything awash with yellow.   The woman with fire for hair Walking her proud dog  Was reduced to a silent figure,
The sky turned sepia today. The streets, trees, and cars, Everything awash with yellow.   The woman with fire for hair Walking her proud dog  Was reduced to a silent figure,
Vast and wide Blue and high Stand and roars the sky Above all other  The great sky
It’s tempting, to gaze upon the night sky                                       and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed with a firm sheet of outer space. But most would know that soon,
With a great, burning passion I fly high into the sky Far above the clouds Heading towards the stars Following the wind without question Knowing up here I'm safe And am blessed with new freedom
SCREEAM!!!!! Louder! And Louder! And Louder! Short bursts. Or long, tedious draws that leave you breathless.... Scream until your heart implodes-your heart explodes and you just feel
Silently watching White stars see all that happen Watchers of the world
A sky above me, full Of spaces between stars. Of more questions than answers. Of a life of hurt, unheard and unseen. Of the voices of millions, praying and wishing on deaf stars that fall.
A Blood Moon NightWritten by Adam M. SnowTonight I watched in awe,the moon once pure and white.
Out there floating in the sky
Celestial bodies in fluid space sprinkled stars like sugar crystals in a cup of black tea
When I speak of love I aim my voiceto my parents who brought me hereand taught me how to deal with the cruelties of the world,my freshman year english teacher who cared even after I left
I sit in my room all distraught         I think of a far away land.
Saphire space, pale blue sea, changes color in the eve, marred by white puff, makes the heart leap.
  The sky, as blue as a robin's egg As beautiful as a clear spring day  
Wake me upin the middle of the night.Knock on my doortil I turn on the light.Tell me you’ve seensomething out of a dreamin the skytonight.With a nudgeyou’ll persuade me
The Sky is a reflection
What is the sound your heart is making?
for Meghan  
Blue's so sad a color, why? Look up to the azure sky. Imagine this in your mind, Very nice and very kind. Look up to the azure sky, Forever calm and always kind.
Gentle rolling was heard past the paper thin walls.
Eternally silent you stare past the clouds, Eternally questioning I stare past them too, Only difference is, You can see me, But I can’t see you.
You are the green and I am the black That make up the northern lights. The light and the dark together; The most beautiful of the sky's sights.
Ether  By: Anyssa Q. E    Phantom seas of prussian blue, above and so below, Moving welts of  eternites- are two halves of a whole.   Spider-web mass crawling high,
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
I could never grasp
Shielded By My Winged Love             When days fall down             Your knees cry             Your arms weigh you down             Let me hold you            
They always mock me. Staring from the sky, Hiding behind the clouds, And would never touch the grass believing they are superior. I grimace feeling hopeless
If I could change one aspect of me, It would certainly be to be free. I sprout some big wings, Get shoes with some springs, And take to the air like a bee.
Poem ------------------------------------------------------------
The sun serves you,  And offers a piece of its shame. The sea is enslaved, And sacrifices it's wonder in your name. The sky is your thrall,
Mine forest, mine haven,Lovely thou art aflame.
Hold on tight as the wind is blowing by  Grab onto the side and don't you let go, It will feel heavy but the days will fly.   The vibrations may make you want to die
The sun in your heart allows the moon in mine to glow. And the warm winds of your breath melt the winter in my veins. The sunrise in my voice stops the sunset in yours. The sky inside you
Glimmer, bless, and shine. The stars- The stars aligned. The colors of all Colored by none. Burn or freeze It stops for none. To all, Darkness it brings, The sky, Gods tapestry.
When I look at the moon, I think of you.
Have you e
The fiery beast falls, slain by the (k)night, His flame breath extinguished in the cool air As darkness engulfs the diminished light And strips its presence in the clear sky bare.
Read me a story Make one up; something with love.   I look above at the sky that is miles high.   Take me to the sky,       my love. Bring me to safety.
It's like the stars are the beautiful ones So much light calles Surrounded by so much darkness But nothing keeps them Nothing stops them From shining
Drowning in the sky No clouds; big blue empty space My mind wanders off
Little soldiers fall from the sky; Trying to capture the world below. Dressed up in coats of fair color—dive Down from their ships above—come.   Pouring from ships of light air
I envy those with wings The ones who know the beauty of a sunrise The ones who see the clouds spread out across the sky Like the sand of the ocean floor I envy those with wings For they can see the sky
Stars, starsCome aliveI need your guidence in the sky.Stars, starsCome aliveI need your help through this thick unknown.Stars, starsCome aliveAnd guide me with your light
During the dayYou're so bright,Through the shining sun.During the night, you're so dark,With the moon shining on your back.Weather expresses your emotions,Rain, sadness, snowy; madness,
  I am one with my soul and God Granted my body to be on this world But how can one, be “one” If they are not connected And they are slipping into this cruel Savage beast we call solitary
When I lay myself to sleep I would always wonder what I'd dream of Inspired to plunge into that process by the twinkling of the stars above As I ponder, sleeping slowly creeps  
i watch you the way a caged bird watches the sky and when i think of you i see those blue eyes (they are my sky) and they look into mine and, oh god, i'm pretty sure you can read me like a book because i've got my heart
Eyes open, And Dawn breaks.   Crystalline blue, The vast, eternal sky. Sheer beauty, In its icy chill.   Oceanic waves, Ever powerful and strong. Yet gentle,
There is beauty in the night,Though it's not often seen.Such a peaceful sight,But stars seen through a screen.
Destroyed from the inside out,A tragedy sinners do not mourn.No pity for a star.   Here bright and burning,Here dark and cold,Alive as a star,Dead as a star.  
I sit here with my patch of sky It's clear and blue and wild and free It asks me if my heart is true And what with my eyes do I see   I sit here with my patch of sky
Prose O starry night, brazen with chimera.Behind those cimmerian clouds breadthwith God's touch. Imagine without frontier's and marvelat the shiploads of faith that navigatethrough stormy seas.
Concrete wasn’t always made so harsh and solid In fact it was mostly straw When I walk without my shoes on It rubs my poor feet raw
My heart belongs to the boy in the sky In his magical castle way up high   He took my arm one dreary day And lead me to a world not so far away   A place where I was free of cares
The smell of spruce The glistening fir The cloudy cool I know for sure The gentle rain It fills the air It cleans the earth It damps my hair The mountains sigh With refreshing need
i was taking stroll across a tightropeit spanned the greatest of cumulus cloudsi walked back and forthday by day, hoping that eventually i would be struck down  Then lightning clapped like the hands of godand i fell and cried as i fellbecause i th
The stars are  shinning   and I  wonder   if maybe it's the same   sky resting above you.   The stars are shinning   and I  wonder
Sky, why are you so bare for me tonight? Isn't today a happy holiday? The Fourth of July should be filled with light. If there's no light, what would the people say? Why act so timid when you have the fame?
    The sun shines over me, Shining a great smile, Shining like a spot light on the stars of our stories, Twinkling a hello and a goodbye each day,
The sky is alive Clouds slowly dancing by me birds and bee's wisping by  without a single sound leafs of all colors  red, yellow, green and brown The sky is alive the sun getting ready for bed
If I were tied to the end of a kite, I would fly high in the sky to see the stars rise very beautiful and bright!   I would even make friends with the moon, the stars, and the sun,
I could be a Star...for You But you didn't want just one.  You wanted a Sky Full.  Now I have nothing left  to shine about,  be bright for.   Star light,  
Know the molecules flowing in the  air, We breath the oxygen but we dont see where, Know snakes sneak to their evil lair, But we don't see length of the evil hair, Know the effect of the unfortunate lies,
The colors of the sky Matches to the shadows of the eye When one is blue The other one is too But as the lives go by With nothing more than a sigh One looks up high to see What color the sky would be
How I love the night Darkness surrounds me Cloaking me in a deep sheet of stars A mysterious never ending shadow An intoxicating view with brilliant stars The feeling it gives is everlasting
Today, I’m missing my one true star, thinking about how we would be together, having fun, riding a space car, through the vast galaxy forever.
I sigh in wet clouds stumbling, shedding rain from my tongue and snowflakes from my teeth. Storms slip, rings from my lips: my churning kisses to the earth.
Brilliant purples, pinks, and blues Blend in such amazing hues, My breath is taken out from me And as I stop to gaze, I see A stallion toss his wispy mane Then race away, ne'er seen again.
Come and lay with me under the moon lit sky, Watch the clouds pass by, light and dark and something in between, in the shapes of splashing water, the thunder and the roar,
In striving to view that which is not normally seen, To pry into the gods’ minds as they meander Into what could only catapult the living through madness which Is in the mind, forever present and lurking.
Childhood sky is full of stars, But when you get adult, Wherever you look, You see some clouds.
The sky is dark and moody, storming as it goes Screaching against my weary window Let all the dry leaves float My day continues, starting dim Now brightening as my sun arrives My happiness now arise.
I gleam with a yellow satisfaction, The night couldn't be more clear. My thunderous telescope absorbs fiery light, And brings the booming images near.
I close my eyes and raise my fists Up above, I leave bruises in the sky. Purple and black, they start to cry More tears than can be understood, but not of sorrow or pain. For life, they fall
Foolish rains, why do you fall from the heavens up above? Why abandon your seat in the endless skies Is such freedom not enough?
Blue skies reside in photographs, predating sprawled luxury - untainted tips of childish thought with straight priorities.
I've learned what an inane life i live. Nothing I have done is worth anything. I sit here under this rain hoping it will cleanse away my sorrow but every drop that hits my face just precedes to prove my folly.
The rolling clouds upon the sky wave at me as they float by The twist and turn As they change form Into beasts of old. The ones forlorn
Riding down the road with a hint of sun seeping through the leaves, It gives me a sense of exuberance, For it illuminates my aspiration to soar above the Sky.
Backwards Sudden velocity extreme and jolting Suspense eating at my insides Starting to reconsider Where did this courage come from What am I even doing here Too late to back out
A miracle happens; hymns burst the pulpit. Deep brightness burst black-sieve-pierced deep brightness. Green and cold black-sieve-pierced, soggy purple. Useless hymns tremble the pulpit.
Whisper-red clouds in the dusky day A wheel of passion upon the sky Puzzles of earth growing nigh Whipped with wind dancing to the free And children singing in the dusky day
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