Castle in the Sky

My heart belongs to the boy in the sky

In his magical castle way up high


He took my arm one dreary day

And lead me to a world not so far away


A place where I was free of cares

Free of unhappiness, though not of scares


I felt warm and safe in his embrace

I had finally found my belonging place


Then a dark day came my way

He left me along, and he did not say


Where he had gone, or if he would come back

He left me in empty halls, I was a wreck


I went out to search for him, my love

I searched the land below and the one above


I couldn’t find him, I fell to despair

A man like him was so special, so rare


Sometime later I found him, alone

He was racked with sorrow to the bone


I went to him, held him close to me

These bitter tears of his, I need not see


He wept and wept, my heart broke with each

There was something here I could not reach


But I held him, and his sorrow subsided

My proud prince’s fair name derided.



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