However I Feel Today

I feel like the clouds are in the sky

I feel like it is a gray day 

But I look out my window and notice the light, the blue skies, the bristling wind

The chill still seeps in through the windows

Los Angeles is surprisingly cold compared to where I grew up 

A fondness for the Hawaiian Islands springs to my chest

But I soon forget fore my memories are fogged with sadness 

from the screams and the yelling and the cattiness and deceit of the people I knew there

It wasn't a happy place 

It wasn't a nice place

But now I'm sure I could find people there 

Being in the program and all 

I am an addict 

This is what I feel like telling you 

I feel like you need to know about my life 

There is much going on in my world of dreams 

I am an aspiring musician, bored, of course, because there is no lead for my collar

My beautiful stunning majestic voice

That sprouts jazz and high pitched notes that shimmer as Christina Aguilera's voice shimmies 

I can see the light through the blinds in my window 

It's reflecting on a building and a tree with shaking leaves in the breeze stands before it 

I am present 

I am here

I am aware

Even if you don't know it

Where has the time gone?

Where have my friends gone? 

Have I ever had any to begin with? 

Time or friends

Time a fickle thing 

Time in relevancy 

Do we live by a clock that controls our world or should we float on without it? 

Time reminds me of the sky, the rising and setting of the sun and moon 

Why pry into space? 

When the story on land is so much more beautiful to us humans? 

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