"Little soldiers fall from the sky;"

Little soldiers fall from the sky;

Trying to capture the world below.

Dressed up in coats of fair color—dive

Down from their ships above—come.


Pouring from ships of light air

On to a land of great delight.

Twirling—suspended—in our crisp early morning chill.

Eyes set—breathless—raiding—our houses.


Soldier White lands—hunkers down— wait.

Soldier Frost—lays there—breath taken,

Grabbing the land—kissing it—holding on tight.

Soldiers’ feet thud—softly placed here.


Our eyes can’t see them there.

Light as feathers—leaves—air. While

Dancing—and twirling—and falling—and spinning about.

Sunlight’s cold regard for them stands.


Thousands leap from the ships beyond;

wanting to take what is ours.

They bring joy—fear—beauty—cleanse the Earth.

Brave little soldiers fall from above.


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