By: Anyssa Q. E 


Phantom seas of prussian blue,

above and so below,

Moving welts of  eternites-

are two halves of a whole.


Spider-web mass crawling high,

alit with wave-delivered blaze,

across the face of nuclear wrath,

floating in endless aether haze.


Above the ether, and so below,

dripping mass of silver dot,

sworling mass of stellar flow,

Surely I have not forgot.


I am the birth of space,

the empty limbo compressed in one,

with fleshy limbs and plush tongue, 

Clutching fingers and then some;


As am I so is are the few,

of heart-heavy walkers through the muse,

with hanging heavens of prussian blue,

an eternity as a mirror to stare through. 




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