Shielded By My Winged Love


Shielded By My Winged Love

            When days fall down

            Your knees cry

            Your arms weigh you down

            Let me hold you


            Rest in my arms

            Close your eyes

            Let my body defend yours

            Give back what you gave


            Allow my hopes and dreams

            To cascade over you

            By potential fate

            We may be linked as one


            One in one

            Let it be done

            I will protect you

            Be your light among the dark


            I will be your armor

            As you my heart

            Through much

            Go far and wide


            Let me love all of you

            As you love all of me

            My bailey

            Let GOD bring our paths close



            Become fantastic

            As I carry you down the road

            While I look over you


            Smiling, loving, defending

            As you are

            One who is

            Shielded by my winged love


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