You Want Sky


for Meghan


Eyes enlightened to

The blue, you desire

To seek the truth,

That grey is only a

Blanket. That the

Air is clean high up

You know.

Set your sights,

You want the sky.


Accept gravity

And forces elevate


Legs fold, Knees buckle

Under axels and axioms.

Nix the non-ethereal,

Accept the azure

And the antique


The Sky.


Press canvas appendages

To the hot asphalt and

Lift away.

Twirl and leap through

The fluid air.

Alarms, car horns, cries

Cannot reach you there.


Cumulus encompass

Covering creativity in

Rich nourishing soil,

Confounding all thought

Of corruption.

Purity is made assurance

The Sky ensures.


Taste the atmosphere,

The blue is made

Of Witty colloquialism.

The eggshell is whipped

Cream wonderfully

Adourning. An accent

Of smooth flavor.


Spread your arms and

Brush your cheek along

The jet stream.

Let the warmth flow

Into your soul and relax

Your inspired bones.


Reach our smooth

Palms to the

Concave ocean above

You. Cup it in your


Take it.

It is yours.



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