Boys with Blue Eyes

The Seas

And the Skies

The color

In his eyes

Your hue makes me warm

You’re a thunderstorm

He holds the moon dear

He has a gravitational fear

“I adore how you drown in me”

“I think the ground is where you need to be”

Greeted by the tide

Yelled at by thunder

A heart that spanned worldwide

A heart that saw me as plunder

Time doesn’t exist at the seaside

But goes too fast when you’re not under

There is nothing like the feeling of your morning dew

And I think that your lightning is my waterloo

“There’s nothing I want to do without you”

As soon as I was sure you were mine you said “adieu”

“And I know every word you say is true,”

I should have known this is what it would come to

“Because I love you”

Because I love you

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Another boy with blue eyes

Honestly good job :) you hate me but I hope you get successful. Good wishes and vibes from me;)

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