I got on the ropeway for my rendezvous,
Yell! Those arresting eventful near twenty minutes!
Though a sudden trip, first time had a birds eye view,
Of the most gripping serene sights from the peak.

The cart paved it's way at first languidly, niggling;
Suddenly with a jerk, accelerated the pace to the terminus.
Those mementos of the moments gave me feather with bated breath!
I looked up and down, enthralled by the conclaves of the snow-cladded mountains alongside!

Deep down, there were verdant tea bushes, boscages and springing rivulets!
At a distant, there was a wheezing grand waterfall,
appeared cascading from the bright azure sky,
Smashing in symphony as of those spectacular moment's testimony!

© Silpika Kalita


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