What Is The Sky Chicken Little ?

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 18:26 -- tamiraj

No one asked why

No one asked how..

No one even asked what

Chicken Little wasn’t a boy

She wasn’t a kid

She wasn’t crazy

And her sky was falling

But what was her sky ?

Chicken S. Little’s sky had not only fallen

Her world had crumbled

And Her soul was broken

S was her middle initial

But it wasn’t real

It gave her a sense of humanism

To feel like she had a purpose

And that her life was better

She was not a kid

Not a toddler

She was a 16 year old girl

And her sky was her mom

Her mom had cancer

And when God decided

That heaven needed her mom more

Her sky had fallen

When her sky had fallen

Her world was no more

You see

The aliens in the movie

Those aliens were the doctors

Unwanted but there

They flooded her life

Like the aliens had did chicken little’s backyard

In the movie

But they stayed

And sucked the money out of her mom

No hesitant thoughts on her death

Collected their pay and were no more

So what was her sky ?

And had it really fallen ?


Yes it had

And she can’t bare the pain

So she will soon fall too

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