Oh, How I Yearn to See the Ocean Again

Oh, how I yearn to see the ocean again.

The soft, cool foam drifts up the sand.

It glides over my feet,

And pulls me by the hand.


Quickly, it splashes my mouth.

I love it - though, it leaves traces of grit.

Oh, slowly it drags me further away,

And I don't seem to notice until I've been hit.


Smacked in the face

By a wave, and each steadily grows

And with it, my fear

Oh, it knows


Oh, how I need to feel the sun upon my skin.

The darkness builds as each wave scratches my face.

I try to escape, swim away,

But the storm picks up its pace.


Suddenly, I'm rolled and tossed like a pebble or measly shell

Though my pulse begins to climb- I love it.

Oh, forcefully, I'm slapped upon the shore,

And I feel the burn from where each wave had bit.


Soothed again

By the foam, and the storm melts away

And with it, my fear

Oh, but I try to stay at bay


Oh, how I wish to smell that salty air.

The grey, murky sky lightens as the birds coo.

The sea treats me differently now,

And reveals that sweet ocean blue.

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