tycho en terra firma

all i need is the sky,

everything she has--    whispers            dreams

everything she gives-- raindrops           color           lights


i thank her with blue passion,

she raises my love the moon, my god the sun,

from her swollen womb constellations have burst screaming,

and in her high dome do the angels play.


all i need is the sky,

she whispers in zephyrs to remind me to sing,

she dreams in pastel to lull me to sleep,

her rain kisses me, and i bloom,

i, pale, call her jewel,

and holding stars to guide me home.


my cerulean religion,

luna my muse and sol my commander

a glittering monster coils around her,

the angel aides are finishing the eigth inning--


all i need is the sky.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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