Gaia's Loom

Whisper-red clouds in the dusky day
A wheel of passion upon the sky
Puzzles of earth growing nigh
Whipped with wind dancing to the free
And children singing in the dusky day

Ripples of rhythm on the ocean's neath
A crystalline dye of blue and green
Perfection reflection sewn to a seam
For radiance gleaming its zealous mirth
And effervescent gills on the ocean's neath

Heather-ash clouds in the dying day
A thunderous cadence fuming a sigh
Spirals of stone lurking awry
A ghastly smoke that smothers the we
The lonely's lonely in the dying day

Severing of salt on the ocean's neath
The stygian raven of murky bromine
Wrought of wicked from nature's queen
The damning blue that taints the earth
And evanescent fins on the ocean's neath

Nature bloom, nature doom
The poignant art Gaia's loom


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