A Reminder of You

Grandfather I wonder why you passed so quickly

I miss you ever day but you died from being sickly

Sometimes I wonder what heaven is like

Are you with angels taking a high flight?

My eyes used to light up every time I got to see you

Now that you’re gone I aspire to be you


Grandfather I loved you from the start

From wagon rides, ice cream sundaes and trips to the park

Now that you’re gone, you will be forever in my heart


Grandfather, I thought you forgot us when you died

But as I was looking up to the sky

I noticed a heart to my left written in the clouds

It was you singing and talking to us out loud

The sun shined so brightly just like your smile

The one thing I miss so dearly because you have been gone for awhile

This is a reminder that your grandkids still have your heart

Now that you’re gone we will still never be apart.


This poem is about: 
My family


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