Days Like These

Momma said there’d be days like these

The sweat on your brow

And the pain in your knees

Momma said how the world can often be hard

How the ones that you love

Can leave you with scars

And momma said there’d be times when you cry

When you realize the best of your days have passed by

But don’t let it burn you

She’d say to herself

Don’t let it convince you to stay on the shelf

Remember the days you went to the beach

Where it felt like even the stars were in reach

Where the mountains rolled off the blueberry fog

And the lake filled with sounds from the wind or a frog

Remember the flash of cold water you’d feel

When you’d jump off the dock and swim like a seal

The icy touch in the middle of summer

The heart in your chest beating out like a drummer

A reminder to the sun and the moon you’re alive

And that even on days like these you’ll survive

You still jumped off the dock amidst all your splinters

So don’t you think you can survive a few bone-chilling winters?

Keep remembering days and nights at this lake

Some memories are just too perfect to shake

So for every day full of pain or disease

And every night you fall to your knees

Just remember that even momma agrees

It all will be worth it for more days like these.

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