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I am starting to realize that you know you were wrong, Because I was giving you what you wanted all along. You know that she will never treat you better than me,
Just when I started to feel upset, it all started to come true, That the dreams that I had working for were finally coming through.
I have to keep reminding myself that I knew that this was not going to be an easy task, And it is simple to keep it together during the day, but lose it at night when you take off your mask.
If you stop now, then what was the point of all of this in the first place? Because you can't quit now when you are this close to finishing the race. Even if it seems like there is no finish line in sight,
It always seems as if it is one step forward, and one step back,  And that when things go wrong, it is because of the strength that you seem to lack.
Sometimes I feel like I don't give myself the credit that I deserve, Because I always get back on track when things get tough, when others would not have the nerve.
Thing always seem to get hard right before the miracles occur, And sometimes it is easier to wish for things to go back to how they once were.
You really thought I would give you the privilege to stop me, But you have no idea who I am and the person that I am trying to be. You so badly wanted to believe that I was broken,
Sometimes, all you can do is hold yourself together and try your best to stay strong, Even when it feels like everyone is against you and that everything you are doing is wrong.
As I have gotten older, I realized a couple of things about who I am, And that is that I tend to leave a lot of how I feel about myself to other people, but I am really tired of giving a damn.
Sometimes things don't always work out the way that we had planned, And sometimes these things that are falling apart start to get you, and it gets to the point where you feel like you can't even stand.
It took me a long time to realize that no matter what you do, you can not please everyone, And that you will only drive yourself crazy trying to accomplish this because it is a task that will never be done.
It took me a long time to realize that there is only so much that you can blame others for, And that if you want to change your life, it is up to you to be the one to close that door.
You tried your best to break me, You thought you could shake me. You wanted to try and fight me, You thought you had defeated me. You thought you had me knocked down,
It took me a long time to realize that the thing that is keeping you going is not always something that you are able to see, And that even when everyone else is against you, you can not allow them to deter you from who you want to be.
You know when it finally hits you and you get tired of your own bullshit, And it becomes too much and all you can think about is how bad you want to quit?
The games that little boys playgive them the strength to conquerthat naive drivethey have insidecomes out strong, i’m sure. 
I have come to realize that at the end of the day, nothing is going to change.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that the way everyone was acting was strange.
Life Throws Barriers  Life won’t throw enough lemons  To see the world differently.  You must believe  through all the struggles and despair
Makes my heart cry aloud Softly at first then louder
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between optimism and reality, And it can be hard to be able to persevere when it feels like those dreams are getting harder and harder to see.
Sometimes it is hard to wake up and realize that there is no one there and you are all alone, You're surrounded by family, but they make you feel unloved, so that is nowhere near being called a home.
Is it stupid to believe that you are capable of anything that you set your mind to? Do some people feel like that no matter how hard you work they may never come true?
Why is it so hard to get better when that is what you really want to do? Some days it is easy, and other days it is so hard that the thought of being in control is something that you can't do.
She was a distinctive girl who likes to switch up her image, says the bottle of hair dye  On the glossy white bathroom counters A patient girl too, says the oil paint drying 
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
 “A disastrous war will lead to our freedom.”  Or so, you say.  “There is no path. It’s the only way.”    Fight to the bitter end
The sight of those fires Seeking air in their confines Gives a reflection Elsewhere, far from themselves   Those who lost their light And constantly struggle To shine regardless  
Holding up the sky News blaring, eyes staring, accusations thrown as grenades to the other side. It sometimes- It sometimes just becomes too much to see the
Let our hearts be strong, Let our minds be strong, Let our souls be strong; As strong as our leaders, As our people, Who sacrificed themselves for us Who sacrificed themselves for future,
Creator is to artist as scientist is to technician. I ain't no fucking electrician. I am electricity.  I have velocity. Enough for an attrocity. No animosity. But I got to be
If a river can beat,  A new path through stone. Then so can I. I mean, I'm 60% water right?
Childhood has begun to fade; finding your purpose is the aim. The pieces of life spread apart like trinkets of a game. Glow until you grow or until growing causes glowing. Beginning higher education challenges everything you know.Questioning the p
Missed a deadline on scholarship applications                               on college applications Then, that seemlingly dead line from my Dad     "Nobody stays a kid forever," turned into a lifeline
In the heart of the Bay Area  There's a lost little girl with a head full of curls And the weight of the world on her shoulders But her story is colder  
  I see you smile.  And I smile back.  We all laugh at the same dumb joke, A feeling I had forgotten.  It almost wasn’t recognizable. 
I “I hear that when God closes a door he must open a window.” Sister Louise did not respond to my joke. She was unmoved from her post at the window, as if waiting for God to emerge from the rain
Failure. It always going to be this bad. Grown so desolate, so indulged, so scared. Do what you want to do. Do what you can do. Do the best that you can to succeed. 
The creeping dark is there Waiting for me to slip The creeping dark is there Helping my feet to trip The creeping dark is there Freezing my heart and soul The creeping dark is there
I challenged my future to a staring contest My eyes bore holes into the dark unknown The balance of time has caused my unrest So I gaze at the void until my will runs low. Time will tell when I give up the game
Springs under pressure: pushed deep, they rise up the highest. But only if they keep on pushing straight back.
When having no one by your side...Walk Alone When you see dreams with open eyes...Walk Alone When you have a vision of a beautiful life...Walk Alone When no one understands, no one supports... Walk Alone
No matter how mountain-high the difficulties appear to be, they are all terrible but delusions... Crush your fear and it banishes... Face your fear and it vanishes...
A parent who works hard day and night  A parent who sacrifices to give you light  Someone to lean on, someone to cry on  My love for you can go on and on You provide love and shelter for all your kids
Success is the ripples in currents of water that draws in or deters people who cannot stand against it's current path. Determination is a wind that cannot be stopped and has no point
A mountain compared to the girl Towering so far above her  She swears the moon dips right below it   Hammer in one hand, chisel in the other She moves forward on the whispers 
Sixteen years, eight months, & two-hundred twenty days. Though it feels like time continues to fade away, what you have taught me throughout my life always stay.  
Hey, what do I have to say I only had a dime and a nickel to my name I crave the high life, as far as the eyes can see And when I make it, aint nobody will mess with me Hey, I'm gonna do big things
Iram, Lost Iram Lost, alone, and wandered scars Scrutinizing time Thunders rise and soon take flight Tinted skies with essence sighs  
A good day Joy laden all the way Tainted only by the decay Of my feeble body   Such a minute piece of my being
When I was 11, I started starving myself When I was 13, I started cutting myself When I was 15, I kissed a boy who had a girlfriend When I was 16, I made a lot of mistakes When I was 16, I decided I needed to change
I am not saying I’m suicidal,I think I just get tired easily,It’s always a battle of survival,To fight to live a life successfully,
a thought cannot be cultivated. if, it is not planted first in the mind - which, unsedated, remains awake with conscious thirst. a thought cannot grow or sprout if, the mind does not quench it
All this time, and I still can't fathom How inveterately gentle you are; You are an impossible amalgam, A sundry of delightful examplars. With soft words and a sonorous message,
Listen to me, you apathetic, groggy naysayer of the morn, Downcast with your expression baggy-eyed and forlorn; Get up and get going, nurse your lethargy no more!
I promise you I will work until the earth has shriveled into a husk, I will in earnest devote every hour of my life from dawn until dusk To that cause you praise and sing and venerate.
Dear… Old friend who made me happy,ecstatic,and Joyful You kept me calm,collected, and full of life Old friend you…
Dear soul, Pain is inevitable, suffering is a figment of your imagination All of that hatred, all of that frustration It’ll control you like a corporation
    Dear injuerd self,     They see the agony in my eyes, But know I will not give up.  
There lies the road ahead Vacant, with a tint of a luminescent red So empty, not one step has been made Weight crumbling upon the shoulders It feels like a thousand boulders Heavy Refrained and scared
2mac,   When you can no longer breathe, When you have no one else to rely on, When you lose sight of the surface, Float.  
Dear my old self, I wish you had the commons sense to do better, but in the end you made me better. Your pure heart and your tender ways, All you need was a little backbone and some base.
Dear Ryan,   You didn’t know me way back when… I struggled to read with my kin, Mom studied by day and worked by night. Dad held three jobs, struggling with all his might.  
  Wings with lift to soar When you can't take any more What you never saw before Wings with lift to soar   I blinked and this week's been
Who knows what will be in futureIt is said its the mystery of life Imagine if you knew what's tomorrowThen, why would you fight?
#BecauseILoveYou Can I trust you? In high school I'm Currently in one. A relationship I mean It starts off all green and circumstantial
It's a sad day on Lancaster Get fifty a day Living this way Makes for a sad day Tip toe around Left out on the ground No one else but yourself around
Always be determined To give it one hundred percent Rise to the occasion Be great, be excellent Never stop believing Possess a winning attitude Lift yourself upward And show your gratitude
It was told that a leader of many Would not see the morning moon. That the giver of plenty, Would die too soon.   Today, he decides to live alongside The Light’s curse.
One step, one breath in. Two step, two breath in. Three step, three breath in. Four step, four breath in. Repeat.
Where did you go My Soul, my soul? Oh God do answer  For only you know. My soul, my soul To where did you leave? Or are you trapped within pulsating walls Where the darkness does so cleave?
I, too, sing America.   I am determined. They say I don’t have common sense They don’t think I can manage myself. But I know what I am capable of,
You taught me how to be a "man" My bad.  You taught me how to be responsible You taught me to stare at the obstacles And overcome the impossible   You taught me that sometimes I must blaze my own trail
I am who I am, I am what I am, I am who I want to be, what I am meant to be, What I have survived, What I have struggled.  
I cried on election night. Frozen in fear as I stared at my phone,  I tried to not imagine my friends being dragged away beaten, bruised, barebacked like the kids in the history books when another man said
Knight Hawk gazed at the falling leaves The brown folly they had become His heart sunk within his chest As he looked out the window high Above the freezing ground whereby
 A year is an hour  An hour is a second Look at the clock tower  Time goes by slow was what I reckoned  The future was near but seemed so far  I was living in the past  To see that I was dwelling on a scar Time moves at the speed of light, silent
Three hundred and sixty-five days ago, I didn’t see, I didn’t know. Now my path seems so much clearer! Time speeds up, fate draws nearer.
Even if I knew what to do, What does this matter even mean to you?   Don't chastise me for what's been done.   If I recall correctly, You didn't disagree. Sure, the result wasn't favorable,
  1 year 12 months 366 days Every path was altered Every fiber of skin was touched differently
Im here to tell you a couple things. 1. Life isnt easy.  It never meant to be easy. 2. There are always better people than you. There will always be competition 3. There will always be people worse than you.
In 2016 A cloud of depression hovered over me I felt hopeless And angry and empty Why couldn't I just be happy? I have a great life And a loving family Caring friends and many talents
Since I was a kid I have always looked toward the future; Being a high school senior seemed so exciting. I looked forward to the prom, to the football games,
This moment right here, Is when you learn to heal on your own. Make amends to fact that his body can no longer lay next to you As you weep your struggles to his shoulders.
One step forward Two steps back   Is this ever true   One move closer  Two backtracks   Creates new paths for you   One truth found Two lies learned  
Can you, for sure, say that you are alright?  I, with utter ease, can say no I’m not. I am like a porcelain doll, fragile, I am easy to break, easy to bend, helpless
There is no magic spell necessary to make one go above and beyond. It does not require knowledge from Hogwartz nor a magic wand. All that is necessary is to make the very most of whatever you are working on.
I see the person in the mirror each morning and cast them aside, Because every day I shed the skin of yesterday to become amplified.
I wake up in a flash (ready to go),I hurry in a dash (never slow),Jumping onto my bike (ready to go),Bolting through the street pikes (never slow)... With everlasting determination
Unlike most, leaving my warm bed does not cause great sorrow, It is no struggle, no challenge, and there is no courage that I need to borrow. I got up today for the same reason as yesterday and tomorrow.  
Everytime iy's supposed to get better, But it never does But this time,  This time it will.   No more waiting on the sidelines, No more waiting for the rain to stop,
Dear Me,  You are strong, You are beautiful, You are capable, You are smart, You will get through this.   Nobody can control you,
 'Seize the day' they say, or else you'll fade away. This is the final age, before we take the stage.   The golden age of seventeen, we dance in childhood's final scene,
Alright so it’s been a while I feel like this is a journal entry to the lifestyle of myself So much to mention, so much to say All on this pad with what seems to be
  Where our voice cannot reach Poetry is the bridgework We write what we cannot say out loud And our voices are deafening  
The strong voice That proclaims That I won't give up Has withered Into a whisper That mumbles I want to live And people will talk People will point There will be laughs
Here is a villanelle structured poem in iambic pentameter that offers a word of advice to the BLM movement...
Flames burned through the night They wouldn’t be put down without a fight. Determination etched off each spark Lighting up every inch of the dark.
It starts here Right now Your determination Returns And your goals Are ever clearer It's within your grasp But will you take it? Your dreams in reach If you just stretch
Spreading in the air Like a toxic drug Dripping with intensity Soaking in the tub Lathered with bubbles Popping one by one Drifting softly in the air Wandering without a care
The blank document on the computer screen rears its ugly head It's a quiet Tuesday night and it's raining while I'm staring at the computer How could I write a poem on something like this?
All I need is myself For in me there is strength Hidden talents But as an open book I feed my flaws
Precious child, you were put onto this world with ever lasting love.Like a dove,You
Informed; I pack my deserted island duffle bag Like Icarus and Sisyphus I set my feet to sand Action cannot exist as past, and my time is at hand Whether fall, fail or crumble I have nothing but my will
Strength is about determinationthe power one has when things get toughFighting through the frustrationand remembering that life can be rough
That warm blooming in your chest.   A immense feeling to do something Urging you to make or be something worth while.   That is Determination.   The most powerful feeling inside us humans.
I don't need a society telling me how I should be  Skinny with a thigh gap and big breasted with leather tan skin I don't need my parents telling me what I can't do you can't go to the college you want
People are always pushingPush me downPush me outAnd sometimes even away
Determination: I can't lose this In recreation or school I try to abide by this personal rule Determination: I can't lose this This is what will continue my life
I have my belongings, my family and friends, and all the simple things that help to meet ends, but to rely on another heart is emotional suicide.    In a world where living
The one thing I cannot live without is myself because she is a piece of me.
Oh, to be mad, what a wonderful thing Oh, to hear, such sweet symphonies Oh, to live, so joyful and free Oh, to know, to understand, to see Yet, to be mad, is held in poor light
(Idea for the name of this poem and the characters in the picture are from the videogame Undertale by Toby Fox.)   So, the situation is this:I'm stuck on a deserted island, and I have the things I might need to survive.
Raised to work Raised to survive Raised to live but never feel alive Raised to hate by twisted fates from prior hearts that had no ounces Raised to fail in the eyes of success
WHERE ARE YOU, LOVE!? Where are you oh love, That tears my heart apart, With waters of loneliness? Where are you oh love, That puts asunder, what the wind of joy tries to tye together?
  I’m playing Jenga and I’ve decided it’s the child’s version of Russian roulette   because she’ll never stop not when one block falls not when they all fall.  
Whips. They’re flames of hatred about his body; cutting deep into the flesh and making him bleed.  
Fortitude. It is a word I have grown accustomed to. Fortitude. Next to it, my God given name is found. Strength is embedded in my shoulders proudly supporting this determined head of mine
I am but a mere quirk in the face of billions, shifting my way down on a path that shall leave me dispersed.     Times have shaped the outline of my brain, leaving me so estranged from the me of the past,
Happiness is key And to those who don’t understand that, I am the giving tree Advice is an understatement
My brain is taking complete control and it just won't stop. I keep shaking all the way to my soul; I can feel my heart drop. My hands go over my ears,
I have long since forgotten       how to define myself in ink and pencil shavings.  
I am the child of seething ignorence. The rope in a game of Tug-of-War.  I am the child whos integrity was forfeited to a never ending sea of right and wrong, labeled as nothing more than a "lost cause"
  To Pimp a Butterfly
I am... the one who hopes you will be okay in the morning when your boyfriend moves away. I am.... the love that you had and wish you could have back. I am the one that willingly gives it to you.
Why do roses bloom, Though the piercing, winter gales, Crush their souls to nought?  
Press 'Play' so that life can begin. Be introduced into into a new world that you have never been. Fast forward to a better time and remind yourself along the way
A pop of color, A shimmer of light, That is all you need To feel a little less trite. A hint of pink, A bit of blue, Paint your canvas, oh sky, This is your venue. I see that dragon,
Many are aware  That snowflakes are lone of a kind.  But countless would spare 
His world was finite, With colors of yellow, green, and orange And a little bit of brown. His world was speckled on all sides of him; All three sunset walls. The only variable was at the zenith,
Broken. Brittle.  Uncapable. These are the  Words I hear. Everyday.  I believe it.  How can someone  So little change the world? But I am strong.  I am capable. 
Silence is the enemy, Never too far away. Other fears have begun to flee,  Yet it seems to linger and stay.   Why must quiet fill the room Every time I go to speak?
Luscious green grass covers the field It is a battlefield for some And entertainment for others
Many words have been unspoken between you and I memories good and bad unheard of. A bond that has been torn. To my mother, I say to you. I forgive you.
And I wrote these thoughts down in my head Where they would never be spoken of again Until the findings of a fragile mind erupt in time And space, gathering the courage to be
Who am I?  My birth name is Shelby.  But that's changed over the years; shrimp, chipmunk, penguin, shorty. School was rough. Not always fitting in.  Graduation set me free. Now - I am me.
Trial and error,
I am a girl, that's how I was born. I am an athlete, a girl ATHLETE that is me. I work hard everyday training and studying starting in the morn.
A classic night on the town no one knows whats under the gown. Is it a man, a woman, a being perhaps? now its left to people to fill in the gaps. Oh it's a man, sure as can be-
I am a woman. Therefore, I am power. A typical woman is said to bloom like a flower. Why bloom like a flower, when you can sting like a bee? I am fearless, and I will be a queen.  
Listen to me, oh Muse, and help me tell the story Of the young man with great determination. The one who worked for years on a single goal To turn his belt the darkest of all colors.
To wish upon a star Is to latch your dreams onto the insubstantial To meld fantasy into reality And believe in something magical The tiny pinpricks of light Each the capital of its own nation
Determination Being 13 years old, Getting to step onto the court with the “big kids” A sense of pride spewing out of my parents,
#NoFilter, I can’t be her Not actually a girl, prefer to be my own Version of self-expression, my decision alone I don’t wear the idealized pink skirts Sexism and racism in society irks
a past coverd by inkwell black and white memories and a preasent full of unfamilar faces  who am i? unplugged i am glowstick; a light in many colors and shapes  My feet are as smooth as my words 
Time is moving fast I wish I can slow it down But Some people I be messing with they never come around It's like I'm the only one that's down You can ask my town
There was this little boy Who was born Who was born with some troubles
Silence both at peace and war. Wanted and resented, silence consumes the world and all who call it home. For years, all throughout the start of my life, just as most children, I thought silence to be, a stranger of my actions.
They say when you want something, You’ll do anything to get it. They say if you try hard enough, You are bound to get it.  
If you do not feel anything When your fingers touch a keyboard   You are not a poet   If there is not the slightest rhythm From the syllables stampeding In a Socratic circle
You stay up late with your coffee filled veins,As I scribble down your name.And baby, I dream with my eyes open,I can't ever be the same.
Never fail to notice your intuition Enduring life When it becomes chaotic Compelled to make rapid decisions My mind is gifted
So let's live, And let love. Where is this coming from? My heart says yes, In you I obsess.   And I'm losing my mind, But I swear that it's fine... Just commit me now,
Its Friday night We play them now.
Alarm clock blaring, both eyes open slowFigure it must be the fourth or fifth goFix messy bed head, scarf down instant mealStumble into tiny automobileDash down highway, down backstreet as well
We dress up and make-up to impress on a daily basis With mascara and tear stains on our faces we still smile Because we know we are the strength that keeps you warm We’ve been through it all, the rise and the falls….
Oh, the intensity that I feelThe sweat dripping down my faceI concentrate on the stealNo, it does not include a base
I know i've got an education. 
27% That number took the blood out of my face and the warmth out of my heart 27% It’s only a number, but one that haunts me and might define me 27%
Have you ever gotten to know that one child out of the family that chooses to lock themselves inside their room and invent new stories to tell all day? That would be where I began.
As I ruminate over everything my parents had done for me  I declare in my thought, before it slips, it gets caught I will repay them back for the hardwork they did so I can be here, now 
Don't look back at what they did to you.Don't look back at what they said.
Mistakes grow by the day, and are remembered in the broken blueness of yesterday.
Above the brown eyes, Where colors fade to white A match it lit, a burning, of ones delight The eyes burn and shine, singing   A runaway goal to follow, Inner revolution, Up and coming,
Cases pile high on my desk. I sigh.Another lost soulsixteen and desperate.   These Judges fear blood as we step in it everyday-the cement is never purely clean.Suits discussing white collar crime while
It started with just one  
Swimming casually in the sea I come to an ocean full of diverse creatures The creatures speak but I do not underestand  Caught in a fish net The creatures play and swim in the deep I go to them
I have a thought on my mind and a hunger in my core, I need to fill up my heart before it’s over.   I need to see the pressure rise just as I escape demise--
Why are you so down on yourself? Do you not know what greatness you have? How do you deal with the negativity in life? Don’t you know what you are made of?
I feel as more than flesh and bone When I walk my feet don’t drag a corpse Because I’ve heard the song of my heartbeat’s tone, The melody beyond all words
i am a diamond that will not be shaped to please others.
It is the glue that holds dreams together,
Just shut your eyes imagine this:
Thirty Thousand two hundred forty minutes, The length of five hundred and four hours, A total of twenty-one days, Three weeks yet a lifetime.   The shiny hardwood floor smells of my biggest dreams.
Had a lot of disappointment in my life, not graduating tops it, I cry a million times, but who hears me, It does not matter how many times I clear my mind, it always seems to come back,
How is it that you took a whole person and then shatter their being? How is it that you can make me the happiest and the saddest person in the universe?
Just listen And listen to me good. Hang on to every word I’m about to say. Because I really mean it.  Don’t take it as a joke But really understand what I feel.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a Disney-type world?   Feather-light footsteps. True, unparalleled romance and love that compares to no other. Completely, blissfully carefree.
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
Questions everyday What you're how old? How did you even get here, your a baby? Omg! You're a baby, my little sister/brother is your age. You should not be here, go back to highschool where you belong.  
  Unknown Sorts             Become my torch             Beauty in light             Guide me through this twilight             Stronger than others
What is the most powerful thing in the world?   Is it the desire to achieve greatness? Or is it your desire to crawl out of bed in the morning knowing you have to get to class and can't be late?  
Open windows Open doors Broken glass strewn Across the floor   Out of my prison I do see
 Creation,  the overwhelming urge to do what can't be done  reach what can't be touched
as i picked up my dad's guitar  i thought "yeah, i got this" and i wowed the audience with a flawless rendition of puff the magic dragon drawing my influences from the 1973 gibson itself  
I come from the Bottom, I told all my family and genuine friends that I got them. I'm determined to make it, nobody is going to give me anything so I have to take it.
I am the dreamer of a million things  the one who believes in all those nostalgic childhood dreams  as time grows, so does the concept of doubt constantly looming, 
I am who I am whether anyone likes it or not. I work hard each and everyday to become a better person but at times it doesnt get acknowledged and im scared to stand up because I dont want to be made fun or get talked about.
Hugged fingers for safety protect me
  No matter what, don’t give up.
Obstacles are essential to life as a whole. All you need to do is show potential and make a nice goal to get through it all. Whether your trouble is big or small,
A man stood there, alone in the room, looking out its windows.It was his last day in his home,   a home in a land not truly his,   amongst a people not his own,But he loved them.And this was his home.
What are mere days in peaceful surburbia seem like years in boot camp purgatory, with the body at attention day and night and the mind a sharpened repository; weakness meets physical and emotional battery,
Dreams are not what they used to be
These obstacles and my pain
Determination became a cop. Her job was hard on her the moment she earned her badge. She fought down the demons that lurked inside the criminals, all in the name of Justice. Determination was unstoppable.
You have to be willing to try, try again Your mind set should be, "Yes, yes I can!" Do not let fear strike in your heart, Worrying and fear will tear you apart. Don't let the little things get you down,
Delicate snowflakes, decorate her flowing hair, Winter has arrived.
Broken home. Young mom of two at twenty two. Girl you're a fool, just another statistic. More mouths to feed in that welfare line, no she said not today. Lets go to college I'll lead the way.
On a cold Monday night of 95, came into the world a 7-pound baby with blue eyes, pee-wee hands and feet. Joy and happiness spread across the audience’s faces. Ma and Pa were excited to have their first precious new-born home.
Who's to blame?We're all just so different,we take it for granted that we're right;point the fingers at anyone elseand mock the system.Just consider this:maybe we have our own way
When I fell, someone told me I was supposed to be there, I shook my head in disagreement 'cause I knew that wouldn't be fair. Until I fell again, and I wrapped myself in disappointment, I couldn't prove them wrong, I couldn't omit my opponent.
What is life? I often asked my self. Sometime in the mist of everything it feel like God must not exist because in my darkest hours I remember being alone.
The rising of anxiety, is riding me, so privately and I can't seem to find my needs, so I just sit here silently, No sense of propiety, eats my soul so violently, I'm hiding from society, I'm fighting myself mindlessly, My mind blocks signs of pie
It’s Crazy How People Can Remember The Time They Had Spent With People More Than They Can Remember The Answers To An Exam. I Guess We All Know What We Cherish The Most...   I Knew A Guy ,
"Playful, yet serious" I've been called. "Humoristic, yet dedicated" I've been tagged. "Lazy, yet diligent" I've been seen as. "Slacker, yet focused" I've been recognized as.
      A visionary,That’s what they called me.A dreamer, with an unrealistic point of view.It baffled me,Who were they to tell me how to dream?My old fashioned, revolutionary opinions  were mine and mine alone.
Through halls painted white, I walk to my class. With courage and pride, I look through the glass. Though scared I am of another new school, I will do my best to not be the fool.
I struggled against my restraints I was forced here, into a cage I wasn't meant to be locked away I have things to do, Places to see, People to meet  
To be considered great at something, you need experience To be considered smart about something, you need experience To be considered successful with something, you need experience.  
Today I'm making a path of my ownTo show the world that I have grownIn confidence and strength I walkThis growing path, nothing will blockI'll make a difference, I'll make a change
  If you take a look at her, You’d think she never struggled Or cried.   But if you asked her questions Such as, “If you could go back in time, Would you change anything?”  
Is this the end? Or just the end of the beginning, The path in front of me seems infinite, The more I run, the longer it extends. Yet I can not stop because my heart wills it. The pain and the agony,
We all must face At some point in our lives An insurmountable force Impossible to push aside. Something That challenges our strength Our character  And our pride.  
"You make me feel, You make me feel, You make me feel.."Perfect.And if I'm perfectly honest I can't help it.All my attempts at being disaffectedAre utterly demolished,When faced with your affection.
       History is in the making.  As a matter fact it's very similar to baking. A little salt for the flavor and biter root for the haters. Then add some sugar to the mix and you have the beginning of a flick.
“You can write poetry too” So said my friend of too few years I dared not believe him How could I believe?   The written word In a poetic form I never dared to write
The words flow from my heart And into my revolving conscious Where at the jot of a pen they part, And with revision, I am cautious.   Poetry is me, And I am poetry.  
Shadows eclipse my weary soulBattle wounds can take its tollWhy am I to be this way?To make that choice this very dayThoughts driven by doubt revolveFears dimmed by peace disolve
What shall become of the worldAs our finger around the trigger is curledAs people continue to fight their brothersDestruction is the answer to win all the powersBut what is power when no one is left
You told her, “You can do it all!” So she tried to climb a mountain But she couldn’t afford a harness So she went to sell lemonade But you said, “Aim higher!” So she went to sell wooden knickknacks
Its a shame how this world can care less about an education When Martin Luther did all this fighting on segregation but all it takes is a little focus and dedication a little interest to learn and preperation
I smile because it's gorgeous & cry because I'm hurt I don't take no ish from ANYONE Because I value my self worth I dance because I can & laugh because it's funny Niggas stay fishin'
I've been to the bottom and I have felt alone, But as I look around away is where I'm blown, I'm surrounded by love always have and always will be, The endless support amazes me,
They say it's always darkest before dawn When the night is approaching And you know that once it is dark you can't be rid of the darkness I was approaching the darkness I didn't care about college
Is education the key to success? Education alone does not change the world; it is merely a part of that change. Thoughts, determination and perseverance, on the other hand, hold a bigger part in the key to success.
I’m not an exceptionTo the ruleYet, I try so hardI’m like one grain in the sandA particle in the skyI’m nothing but a spectacleYet, I try so hard
  Full circle Press forward, harder, stronger…show ’em what you’re made of. Prick your finger – blood.  You are human, Alive.   Harness the light, Grasp it, hold it…be one with it.
What I've learned about success It takes more than just fate Your destiny calls to you But always ignore the hate   Dreams take some time No matter how talented you are
She has beads,and they are like mine.
I never once had a plan my mom a drunk my dad abandoned me for whatever reason it was just unfair so how could I an emotionally hurt human being do better
Waiting for that one rival that I'm willing to chase down the mountain in an epic race We'll see whos the better driver Catch me face to face and I'll show you this mountains number one ace
I can feel the breeze touching my face Falling down on my toes, as I stand outside the door Waiting for you to let me in, So I can share with you all our goals and dreams As I stand here
I am optimistic and determined I wonder how far away it is from me I hear loud shouts of hope I see that this will not be easy I want to fulfill this dream I am optimistic and determined
Running down the field Sun shining bright, sky bluer than the ocean, grass green and smooth It all feels so natural My gloves snug around my fingers with just the slightest amount of moisture against my palms
Desires I openly nearly never express
Violets are blue Roses are red He fled higher than me Then he's probably dead But then again He's in a better place So no worries I'll be the one To take your place So now you’re gone
Go, little sheep, from this bare and desolate land. Go from this wicked place with its whips and brands. Go, press onward through the cold gates that bar the way Go, leave this dark world
What can a fish do without his fins Will he still be able to swim towards ocean's end What can a tiger do without his claws Will he still be able to catch his prey right under his paws
She was, Independent, Smart, Diligent, Now she is, Despondent, Weak, Pathetic-- She was, my Idol, my bestfriend, My Mother. Now she is, a Lush, a deadbeat, A Stranger--
Sitting in her habitat, her comfort zone, her world, thinking of who she is and what makes her that girl, who's known and unknown, grown and ungrown, thinking of possibilities in a life she doesn't own. She seeks health and opportunities.
Don’t, Don’t Can’t, Won’t You’ve used every excuse more than once But I won’t forget My vow above all Against you I promise to bear a grudge Is it right? Is it rational? I don’t care
No turning back, The tunnel is sealed. It’s pitch black, But I’ve got a lantern To wield. A tiny speck In a big dark cave Deserves the same respect As a brilliant flame.
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