The Body is a Unit

The one thing I cannot live without is myself because she is a piece of me.

Just as the nerve endings cry out to the brain,
I cry out to her.
Just as the brain directs the muscles,
I take her direction.
Just as the scab covers the wound,
I heal her injuries past.
And just as the heart fills the blood with oxygen,
We are filled with love.

The body is a unit and cannot live without all the pieces working as a whole.
I was the pair of legs that ran out and saved her from the road
The body is a unit and cannot live without the pieces communicating with each other.
She was the set of hands that untied the belt from my neck.
The body is a unit.
I was the voice that saved her life.
The body is a unit.
She was the mouth that talked me out of taking mine.

The body is a unit and cannot abandon itself.
Until death does it part.

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