Working for the Rebound

Thirty Thousand two hundred forty minutes,

The length of five hundred and four hours,

A total of twenty-one days,

Three weeks yet a lifetime.


The shiny hardwood floor smells of my biggest dreams.

My shoes sing a love song as they squeak across the floor.

My blue eyes burn with a passion reborn.

Yet the ache in my ankle holds me back.


I have waited an eternity, it seems.

My heart’s pace is 100 mph, yet;

My body’s pace is only 50.

I seek my love but must proceed with caution.


Suddenly my blood pulses full throttle.

My muscles flex and throb with anticipation.

My heart beats thud, thud

In time with the ball.


The sweat begins to drip like a leaky faucet;

I gasp to fill my lungs with air.

My whole body tingles as the adrenaline flow;

However, the ligaments ache in my ankle.


I know I must stop and be cautious;

Nevertheless, my heart cries to do more.

It burns with a love unexplainable,

A passion that lasts a lifetime.


After only a hundred and twenty minutes, I must stop.

It is such a small amount of time

Compared to the thirty thousand two hundred forty minutes

That I have suffered through without my love


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