A year is an hour  An hour is a second Look at the clock tower  Time goes by slow was what I reckoned  The future was near but seemed so far  I was living in the past  To see that I was dwelling on a scar Time moves at the speed of light, silent but fast  A realm where the future did not exist It’s called high school  A realm where responsibilities did not exist It’s called youth  “College is far from now”  It’s only a year away  Friendships and connections have been sowed Those were the days  I’ve grown Failures and victories exist I have combined everything I’ve ever known An immaculate creation of a new mind to work for a wish   Everything that makes me who I am Derived from my past Everything that creates my vision Shows what I have surpassed   A year ago  I was unmotivated, afraid Today I am confident, my determination unswayed.    

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