Success: A State of Mind

What I've learned about success

It takes more than just fate

Your destiny calls to you

But always ignore the hate


Dreams take some time

No matter how talented you are

You will reach your destination

As long as you work hard


It's all about the finish

Not always the fresh start

Reach for the moon, so if you fall

You'll land among the stars


You only live once

Nobody lives forever

Life is what you make it

Think big and never say never


You have the potential

The world is your oyster, my friend

Be postive, give it your all

Give back and lend a hand


We all have our faults

That is life, I suppose

But a heart of gold shines brighter

That's what helps us grow


This is the person we were meant to be

Just believe in me

Life wasn't meant to be easy

But sooner or later, you will see


Life is worth the ride

Just spread your wings and fly

And even if you fall

Get back up; it is worth it, after all 

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