All I Need is Everything I Don't


United States
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I don't need a society telling me how I should be 


with a thigh gap

and big breasted

with leather tan skin

I don't need my parents telling me what I can't do

you can't go to the college you want

you can't do that

you aren't smart enough for that

you don't have the determination.


But I do.


I work two jobs

go to school full time and get good grades

have a healthy relationship

lots of friends

and I still somehow have time to not go insane.


Don't tell me I don't have the determination. 

Or that my best just isn't good enough.

Or that I'm just another lazy millenial who doesn't care about anyone else.


I care immensely.


What I do need is for people to stop doubting me

my abilities

my determination

my independence

my personality and appearance.


I need to be able to live my life without second guessing it. 


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