Down (But Not Out)

People are always pushing
Push me down
Push me out
And sometimes even away

The gravel from a thousand falls
Is embedded in my knees
The latest push still stinging at my back
And the dust of disappointment clings to me

I might be down
But I'm not out
I've taken a knee
But not for the count

You haven't seen the last of me
I'll get up every time
Don't think for a second that you've bested me
I'll rise up with the turning tide

You can push me down
But I won't feel any pain
You can push me out
In the cold and the wind and the rain

You can push me away
Well, you can try
But know that this is where I'll stay
My will unchanging as the endless sky

C'mon, throw your punches
And kick me while I'm down
Push me just as hard as you want
I'll still get back up and turn it around

Hit me with whatever's left in you
I'm down but never out
Blame and yell and scream at me
But I still won't fall apart

I won't always be able to get back up again
But for now I'll be just fine
So even as I'm lying here with my face pressed into the grit
I'm down, but not out.

This poem is about: 
My family


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