Before It's Over


United States
42° 4' 2.0604" N, 79° 16' 3.6012" W
United States
42° 4' 2.0604" N, 79° 16' 3.6012" W
I have a thought on my mind
and a hunger in my core,
I need to fill up my heart before it’s over.
I need to see the pressure rise
just as I escape demise--
This addiction in my life before it’s over
and with every step I take
to the challenges I face,
I’ll feel more and most alive before it’s over.
If there’s a ringing in my head
begging me to find a bed,
I’ll weigh the odds against the dread before it’s over.
And distort my psyche's movements-
let them shake my nervous heartstrings 
I just dare myself to fall before it’s over
“Just get out there” begs my heart
“Keep your smile upon your art.
Don’t you let it die again before you're over!”
As no stranger to objection
I will cradle my perfection
Lift it like my hearth and fire till I'm over


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