A Planet of Opportunities

I am the dreamer of a million things 

the one who believes in all those nostalgic childhood dreams 

as time grows, so does the concept of doubt constantly looming, 

but in a little section of my brain a passion chooses to ignite 

I am the dreamer of a million things 

I choose to believe that one day I will finally reach......

the impossible planets I've set for myself 

I dream of the day that I can finally have their orbits within my grasp 

and feel the way their bumpy surface, grooves my hand

with constelattions of blood and sweat marking me

I am the dreamer of a million things

who wishes that one day I can finally prove that maybe just maybe

this love I struggle with daily, and the constant obstacles I'll overcome....

Will one day fufill me with the same pleasure I feed into it,

And-- Asteroids will hurtle at me with grandeur

but eventually I'll be like Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, 

Standing upon the planets I've formed with firm feet  

able to give a cheesy line or possibly write a book about the strife 

I am the dreamer of a million things 

Most of all though, I'm dreaming of the day I can say with strength 

that Hey world, Hey sky, Hey Space, Hey Galaxies, I've made it 

I've finally conquered all your constelations!

That's the day when I can show people that the little girl they trampled for so long

....has got a mightier voice than a lion

....has a determination that even a cheetah would run from, 

but most of all THAT IS THE DAY in which I can announce that I've made it into ....

a male-dominated field and a conitnually taxing world, 

I'll scream it to thr entire universe because at that moment is when I can declare

That little old me, Tiffany Lastinger, is a chemical engineer extroidinare 

I am the dreamer of a million things 

the chaser of impossible dreams 

and the screamer of certianty that I will make it come true. 

I am the dreamer of a million things. 




*constelations... I am unsure of what happened. I fixed it, and then it changed back. 

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