Labrea Way

All I need is myself

For in me there is strength

Hidden talents

But as an open book I feed my flaws

My anxieties surface among the rubble

Throughout a story that’s yet to be drawn


All I have is myself

For I meet my shadow in the mornings

And at night I am left to ponder indefinitely

Solidarity and nostalgia threw me off the road

Those cruel parking lots with empty spaces

Yet I cannot drive


All I want is myself

To push against the wind that attempts to throw me off balance

For I am not a trapeze

And the only aerials I admire is the song


All I needed was myself

To not leave empty handed

To not feel like such a waste

For the amount that was constantly done, glued me on second place


I don’t want the scores or the letters

I don’t want phone calls or hellos

I’ll hang up , let it go to voicemail

Don’t bother meeting up


La Dispute said, make a throne for hope to sit

But I’ll go further and lay my heart to rest

And as much as flowers need rain to grow

My passion and creativity come from a don in my soul


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