The Fear Itself is Failure


It always going to be this bad.

Grown so desolate, so indulged, so scared.

Do what you want to do.

Do what you can do.

Do the best that you can to succeed. 

But what if my success is only a fragment of my imagination

That the world I love -

Loved to live in so much,

Was much more than a world dictated by letters on a paper, 

by class ranks, 

or three little numbers that screamed in my face.    

Failure is what is was.

And because

Failure is what it was,

I am determined to succeed.

To do better, be better, and live better.

And although my fear is a letter on a paper, 

a rank in a class, 

and three little numbers that was going to determine my future -

I am not afraid. 

As long as I kept a pencil to my brain,

As long as I open my eyes to the world I am surrounded by,

I will not be afraid.

As one day my failure will fruit my ways,

and I will get to say,

The fear itself is failure but I will not let it determine my name.


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