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Old black and white pictures are faded and worn the pain they portray is there in her eyes. Innocence doomed from the time she was born, no tears for a childhood she lost in the night.  
LET US RISE FROM THE FALL In the beginning, on this brand new earth, Before there was need of a new rebirth, Adam and Eve in their innocence stood
so much has happened  since i've last wrote.  i haven't been taking the time to write as much as i used to and it's because i'm not lonely anymore well, not as lonely as i used to be 
I know you're in love With a certain someone 'Tis just a matter of time Before I find out who You're trying to hide No, you can't from me 'Cause if you're in love I feel that too.
My empathy is something I prize highly I know how to heal, to help people lightly I know what they need to hear and do This is a skill I'd even since young knew But heavily it takes it's toll
A previously untitled poem from a junior-year DP Language project on Langston Hughes. Loosely inspired by "I, Too, Sing America".
that which produce vibrant laughs from children’s mouths at play so nice and sweet to hear so near somewhere while guns and bullets raucously firing victims somewhere so near in the war fields.
To be vulnerable with a childlike innocence... still, to this day there is a certain admiration held for such purity an absence of guile of wickedness... Deep down, we know
I do not want to die.    A temple alone  Gods so beautiful and worshipped  But I so beautiful and cursed  Do they hurt? 
The evergreen is divine.  A breeze shifts the sturdy underbrush, aromas lift from their spines.  Colors vibrant and bold. The suns rays bounce off their hues   refelcting their youth. 
"mamá,  i’m not a kid anymore!" she raises her right eyebrow in disapproval— the look.  clack... clack...clack...
Looking up into a summer’s midnight sky is like gazing into a blanket of diamonds. It’s beautiful and breath-taking… Stars scatter across the endlessness like pixie dust. I am only a child.
Innocence is dangerous and I want to be on the verge of death. Back when pleated skirts and bland communion bread troubled me. I wish I minded the smell of cigarettes and marijuana.
Crack, boom, pop The news ricochets around the room like a bullet It explodes in our ears Crack, boom, pop Right near the playground The report says
I remember when I could singunafraid of how I sound. I remember when I could flyunafraid of the hard ground. 
Adulting   Adult is a four letter word. It’s more dangerous than others Because it denotes segregation Between the old and young,
How did I know I was no longer a child? I knew moment he grabbed me. His hand touched my body without my consent and I knew I was a woman. I knew he thought me an object something to be used
I bought a shotgun at a flea market without knowing that it was used to commit a horrible crime.The former owner used the shotgun to kill an entire family and I was about to have to do hard time.
Are they the enemy?  I've always asked myself, just where do their priorities lie? Who is on my side?  Young, weak, trembling,  I stand with frailty,  But I stand. I stand. I will keep standing,
I don’t know how to write about you and tell the truth.   Bare bones, hands shaking, nothing left to do but fill the page. I don’t think I’m at that stage.  
      Flowers don’t grow in November And for some reason it snows It pours all September The bad weather simply won’t go  
You sweet wandering child  with your soft, kind smile and hope-stricken thoughts oozing out your pores and  infecting those around you-- Tell me, how have you maintained your innocence in this
Let the aroma, the sweet intoxication, of the lilies take you away. Their white petals, beckoning, follow them
the girl on the train
I awake with a scream, my ears still ringing from the gunshots and yelling, the hymns we were singing. We march in the streets and we all yell some more. But it falls on deaf ears
The bride so beautiful, dressed in white. She must be so tired, she danced all night.   Her husband who loves her,
It rises, slowly,
heaven is a topic of controversy that dwells amongst great populations - from a young age, I was exposed to such trauma of Death in circumstances that a young princess should not have withstood.
i don’t even know how many petals are on a sunflower but i’m sure you’ve picked all of my innocence off and the daisy is dead he loves me not  
Dear Dad, Your sins have been forgiven by my God above. For the sins you’ve made and for the hurt that you have done to the child you say you love. For every time you’ve raised your hand to strike me down.
Take the child Break the child Then fix her up with glue. Her parts will heal But she won't feel She doesn't have a clue. Take the child Make the child Then wash her clean of shame.
Steps away from deathMinutes away from the endAs here I stand, my crossroadsEverything I thought I knew“Kill or be Killed?”The wordsThe taste of poison off my tongueTo save a life?Her life?
Long and narrow Razor sharp Dark and brooding Elegant Light and ductile Mesmerizing Loving, warring Blood ‘twas spilling   Love forbidden Emotions revealing
I count the stars, splattered across the black marble counter, waiting for something. Waiting for the light of morning, waiting for some meaning, waiting to see something more.
What makes a child innocent? The seafoam blankets he brings to day care everyday The lilac petals she lays her head on a night Curious minds roam the earth searching for forbidden love
I wish I had my days of innocence Of silver eyes and purebred hearts I wish I could just hold your hand again But I keep forgetting Your hand was never mine to hold.
I was born with puppet strings in my skin. With hooks in my joints and a painted-on smile. I was born to please and placate, To be Mommy's Little Angel (To look pristine). I was born to vomit bubblegum pink
I hold the gun in my handsits pointed towards innocenceI can't control my thoughtswhen and why did it come to this?
The white feather drifted, lightly on the draft slowly spinning, circling   Landed in paint crimson lines bled up the shaft
12/28/2016 As flesh clad together turn in my mind, Something I’ve abstained from and so I find,
Spring mornings, with a fresh golden mist,And heaven’s dew doth rest,Along the rows of tulips be,And it seemed I was alone, just me. Then, a fluttered sky,With beings white, and coming nigh,I shuddered in fright, only to find,Their sweet lovely ho
My dear Joy Dorany,
I sit on the living room floor and eat a bowl of unhealthily saccharine breakfast food at 6:33, ante meridiem.
I met a friend, white as snow He walked a million miles, Two hundred times the Nile, To face his foe
I was in the school library at lunchtime Looking at a book entitled ‘When A Friend Dies’. I felt guilty, because I wasn’t grieving at all I just felt really sad.  
When I was a young boy, I had a conversation with my mother. I asked her why she gave me the nickname "Chipmunk," And she said it was because I had the eyes of a chipmunk, Bright and curious and full of life,
Fat, ugly, stupid, whoreThose words hurt, sureBut people don't know that that words have thousands of meaningsAnd can bring out different reactions and feelingssome worse thanothers 16 year old virgin Good grades good girlBut wow she's a boreBecau
PART I:    just.    one.    breath.    For that is all it takes  -In and out-  To escape the chaos and relieve the doubt.     
Warm night clinched by melodious laughter, As I wade through life like water, Is my last memory as someone's innocent daughter.   Bright lights, dark shadows, Is the last thing my body knows,
Closed. There's a dream in my head and it's making me Ill. Swimming, These aren't my thoughts. I wouldn't couldn't never would do that. But I did. Dreams
The rose is mineI cherished itIt's something sacred and uniqueSome give it up so fastGive it away at any momentTo a boy or a girl
plesant as a peach baby from the beach not a lot on her mind, just pockets full of lost dimes  little red rocket crusing down the street the sun and its heat, keep making her scabs sting sweaty and petty 
Ariel, the girl with the long blonde hair. The world hasn't had a chance to scare her, because she doesn't understand the gravity of reality. The reality that she'll never grow up, never move out,
Police… Hope for quiet… Someone calls in frightened… Hoping the law will save the day… Ten-four!   Mother… Sends son for milk… Halfway there silence breaks…
Vulnerability was never meant to be a weakness, as innocence was never meant to be a disability. But in this cruel, revealing world, Love is an unrealistic target
When we were children, we believed that growing up was the way to freedom. That maybe if we were just a little bit older, we could destroy our demons. But somehow we found out the truth.  
Another smile, another tear, Another kiss, a lot more fear, Another hit, nothing is clear, Another memory that will last for years. Another heart that has been broken, Another wound that has been opened,
He tries to be clever, Tries to hide and take his time But he can never pull off anything Because of the innocence of his mind.   The youth of a child The body of a man
Holden is the catcher in my rye, but who ever caught him? Salinger, I praise him often   The Catcher in the Rye is the one book I need  It kept me up to speed on the 50's
Cover your eyes, and what do you see? Is it the grass, or the sky, is it me? Why must we make all of our judgements with sight, When all that matters is what's wrong and what's right?
Standing on the highest cliff, Overlooking the forest, She nods to the caring hawk That wonders what could possibly be wrong With such a perfect creature. She watches over the sleeping cougar,
I don't need a big mansion Nor a lot of money I don't need fancy clothes Nor a brand new car I don't need fame Nor the glory of it All I need is love Whether it's family A soulmate
Pure. That's what they call me anyway. Like the snow that drifts lazily from the sky to the earth. One. Two.  Three. I fall. I drop. I flit. I flutter. I dance. I slip. Down and down and down.
To the girl Who would walk down the halls lined with fire Venture blind into the tall grasses
Childhood is the playpen that keeps out the real world; holding you close till you're readily unfurled At the beginning it's the ignorance that keeps us at ease
I don't know where they came from, but when I look at you the cocoons in my chest cavity burst 
a child's eyes are so unbiased, so curious and loving of the world to return to the days where the moon followed me home in the car window would not only be a miracle, but a blessing
Visions of a little girl distract my days& haunt my nights  
When I was five, I saw a cloud in the sky.   It looked like:   The places where fairies slept
Take your innocence and throw it in a cave. Oh, innocence is what you have? Well, too bad. Innocence has a soul never saved. It is not a valued treasure here upon this earth.
Drenched upon the battle fieldUnder silver weapons wieldMisdirection her only shieldThe wildest of roses grew
I am... The girl who saw the truth too early,  when I should not have glimpsed.  Like the tempted Eve I cast aside my Eden,  and have been expelled from the garden of roses. 
Words, so many words but They can never express fully the feelings that swell inside  threatening to spill out onto the sidewalk who's cement tries to be strong but 
School is all about fun apparently  and being funny  or being funny looking  but 
Innocence welcomed me with understanding and ease
It starts when you wake up in the early morning.Your eyes crack open through the crusted tears and your body begins to de-numb itself from the countless hours of sleep.
Running scared down Defeatist Street, Trying to go back in time. Retreating isn’t security, Especially since I out grew mine.   I wish I could be me again, Feeling free to run and wonder.
It is a mid summer's day by the pool. I am with my brothers.
Today I decided to show a little more skin, to feel a bit more sexier, to show off my womanly features that belong to MY body. So help me if I so happen to become a victim of violation, harrassment or dare I say, rape.
Once upon a time I had a story too- Once upon a time my voice meant something too- But, that mattered none to you-  Because once upon a time is only fairy tale you said to me-
Daddies been out drinking, yet again
Little blue eyes, looking up at me You gaze and I wonder what you'll be You're hand wrapped around my finger tight I promise to hold you through the darkest nights   Little blue eyes, so full of dreams
Wickedness comes, it comes in the forms of Drug's, Greed, Envy, Lust, Glutonany, Pride, Gloth, Rath, Lie and Steal. So many fall under the wicked spell and lose sight of everything they have right in front of them without even realizing it.
If God granted me one wish I know what It would be. To return the Innocence That the adulthood stole from me. As I gaze back upon my life  And I look at my wife As I recall my youth
Do you remember the days on the swings? When the wind rushed through golden curls And you didn’t care about the boys or the girls
Behind the mask I have been stripped Stripped away from all that was mine I am just a plain face Left out in the cold to wither away My eyes fill with tears I am a souless soul
You act so tough, You act so brave. But really, you are the empty beer bottles that you used to hide.   you couldn't face the world with who you really were. you had this foundation
O’ childhood, you are gone like a feather that blew away in the wind. The years ran by and took away my endless carefree days of playing around. “Why did you sprint so fast and where did you go without me?”
When I was a child
I want innocence Not the kind you have until you lose your virginity But the innocence of a child Where there is not such thing as "Stranger, Danger!" Where all I see is the good in people
Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she s
    The day I left behind childhood I just simply stopped and  understood That my playtime was done And all the things I found fun
You told me You told me the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. But now I realize that not everybody has the same taste. So your eyes partake of my identity and you spit me out of your mouth and exclaim
Mama, I know you're hurting but I'm hurting too, I know you're angry, Mama, But I'm angry too, So stop raising your voice and listen, One, two, thee, four, five,
She was the glass she held in her hand. Smooth and strong, calm and contained like the like the liquid in the glass. Then, life caught her off guard and she let the glass slip.
Troubled in school with  a rough past He signed a couple papers to start fresh Now being tested mentally and physically yet always comes  last Pushed to the limits with aching limbs yet he pushes on
The time has come, wanting to make love to her spirit by first squeezing and sucking her lips to quench her thirst, he felt as though he had won the greatest gift of all.  
You were tallThe half-circles under your eyes made me love you more But really, it was the dark shiningojos negros de amor
A turning of the world on its head Division in time, seperates me from What I am, and what I'm supposed to be
We would all like to think that we still have some, there is no keeping it for anyone.   You may lose it when you first here that dirty word, see those pictures that make your mind hurt,
Open the window, and there's nothing but hopless things out there
My thoughts go silent as I think of you. I cry for your pain and yearn for your happiness. You are my rescuer from this terrifying world. I need you to be happy. So I wait until you rise. - For Denesheo
I miss the way life use to be,
Helpless. An intense electrical pain filters through my scared body. My unlucky limbs become violently uncontrollable. Shaking. Trembling. Tense. Afraid. I scream in my head for it to stop!
A Rest in The Forest
Innocence born, maintain, keep it warm. Show the world this innocence incarnate, the world will see and start to hate. They'll laugh and point saying "you won't get some",
You are nothing I wish it were true You aint going nowhere till I'm through Please help please help me God The door is shut now, It’s just me and you Why can’t I
I feel the whispers of a time
  The Magic is gone, I said As I looked up at the kingdom Tiered like a cake with its blue and white frosting I stood there, I stared The magic no longer lived there   Pavement painted black
I'll be fine on my own And your words break my fragile bones. I'm done with the negativity,
Her wonderful innocence faded away. Her clothing, it fell away too. Her needs, her desires are catching on fire, And soon she will melt into you.   You think you deserve this. You think she's a fool.
The Logic Of Todays Youth    Many Young People Today are in great disposition Simply because we refuse to defer from sin  You see its not that we don't know any better 
We've run our lives,
Oh to be innocent and untouchable. To have a mind bright and carefree. To have love, simple as a swingset
Coincidence brought me to you with good intentions,
Blank pages, blank people I am a novel not yet written Blank beliefs, blank morals I am hiding out for now   Corrupt faces, corrupt fiends I avoid them at all costs Corrupt bodies all around
There is a world yes where a mouse can talk and ride a floating carpet
Just know that everything will be alright because I am gathering nutrients; Like your intelligence, I will be bright Like star lullabies of insouciance.
Sticks and stones If only they were just sticks and stones That, she could handle But this - the abuse
Coat of warmth
I look,
To the black and white minstrel Capped in red Drumming a ballad of beat In a forest ballroom with ceilings of leaves   Capped in red Autumn trees stand tall
She touches the wall as it turns to cold. She feels the heat leave The hands that were once rabbit ears and filled with crayons. The arms that could be found wrapped around her daddy's neck.
Little girl, dressed in white Sleeping in her room so tight   Unaware of what is wrong As the world moves forward on   Until one day, a dorr gaped wide Where walls before had stood with pride.
I once saw a child whose eyes were wild Hyper little thing with dreams and hopes in the mind Running, running, jumping, playing, smiling Her world had talking stuffed toys, adventures filled with imagination
A Dark Thing lurks As thousands of children Are born into this place   A Dark Thing watches As the children grow older And quietly learn about the world's cruelty   The Dark Things rears
Laughing, dancing, Happily making Joy upon the world. A tiny thorn, for thee not worn, A tiny prick, a little hurt. It breaks the skin It leaves it thin A piece of it left vulnerable.
I remember the day, Back when it was all games, Back when nothing was gray And all you had to learn were names.   The years went by, The classes got harder.
OutsideThe entirety of my resolve runs with the river of tears thatTrickle, thenAfter a brief moment of suspenseBreak free, carvingCruel lines down my ravaged cheeks, a howling flood letLoose. My eyes are
The stars; so far yet so near. Though impossible, I can feel their soft whispers through the night. Rippling in my ear, each has a story to tell, A story of the beginning, the now, and the end.
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
“YOLO!”-- hold on sorry.......YOWO! Now what exactly can I sway, if I may? through video or paper -- which matter, which way? To release many thoughts, through frames per second, no way
It ran away some time ago, or perhaps it was stolen.  Not by a man, a drug, or a mix of the two.  It was stolen by the world.
upon a dandilion i blew  its seeds floaten soflty on a breeze so true and the wish that engulfed my heart and my soul was a wish that had something to do with you   that night i saw a shooting star
Guilty isn't a word in my vocabulary All these false claims are imaginary I wouldn't even hurt a fly My conscience is as clear as the sky Purity pumps through my veins Descrimination engulfs me like flames
it was the summer the sun ate everything rays looping like tentacles
Childhood is innocence. The time when there is no choice But to accept any situation that faces you.
  The long, luscious curls of innocence,
When people say, “grow up” Even if they only think it I want to yell back “Maybe I don’t want to.” Maybe I’d like a moment To feel as young as I can The things I’ve seen
frostbitten cheeks and a red nose, adorning each child's gleaming face the first snow fall of winter
A man walks down a white road. He sees a child fallen on the street corner.  He tries to assist, she's too afraid- of what? He sees a man with a sign - black with white letters- "in need"- of what?
The cup is empty, so i fill it; to the brim, to the top, on the verge of overflow; As full as possible, yet still room for more; almost too much, yet never enough;
I killed him I killed the man in my dreams the man who looked me in the eyes the man who stole my self-esteem  
Looking up into the sky into the endless blue seeing all the clouds passing by the green balloon bright and new The little girl was shining with glee this was pur happiness 
  I remember you. Those eyes you have are like fire. They haunt me, yet I cannot bring myself to take my own eyes off of the impossible flame of yours.
A shiver creeps across the spine As if lifeless hands were playing it like a grand piano. Words are spoken in the hushed tone of a eulogy Dripping off of chapped lips like a venom-spitting snake.
Petrified air sits frozen in the sweltering, deserted city of sand. Its horizon the same in all directions, rural settings look crowded to this muted kingdom.
  The future is unknown to anyone. All we can hope for is the best, Until this short life is done. Blue, brown, hazel eyes of all earthly guest
I need money, and i say this with all seriousness. I need money, I am alone in this world I have no home in this world will i beg, no, but i will ask, please give me a dollar,  will you give no, because you assume.
Yeah, I'm white Never Been in a fight But my dream is to knock out some lights Talkin' 'bout dreams, one-a mine's to be free Ya see, my parents lock me down with a key Yo, little do you know about me
Sometimes we dream so much that we lose touch on our reality. The lines between what we desire and what we need blurs. It's sad if you think about, the fact that what we dream isn't always reality. Our dreams transcend us into another world.
Childish Innocence ripped away, it’s now dark outside, yet it is day. “How can they smile, laugh, and play?”, when my childish innocence was just ripped away.   Accidently created, always viewed with disgust,
  Wishes after another, every star I see, every star that makes me believe, is a leaf on a tree. Ready to take sail with the wooshes of a wind Undeveloped or maybe impossible.
Saturday night: you were at some party getting drunk and maybe hooking up – I was dancing alone on the soccer fields, high on starlight, feeling every atom in me spinning with life
I dried a rose not to watch it die but to preserve the memories it holds i dried a rose not to watch it die but to keep your heart close to mine
Innocence gone
  It starts with a look, a gentle embrace A feeling of comfort as they sit face to face Her hand on his cheek, and his in her hair An arm across her back, just holding her there.  
Season Warm air Splashing, running, chilling Not a worry in the world Summer
I'm the girl who can't get in trouble, the one who teachers talk to on the level, as a friend, knowing I'll listen. They know I'm not the girl to cheat or steal or even yell in their class.
The sweet reverie of a little girl in a Cinderella dress Does not hold a demise For no person shall attempt to withhold her She has imagination creativity innocence virtue Let her twirl
Get up, run, shower, school is in an hour. Wait... No! My clock is slow. Sh*t. I'm screwed. I gotta go.  Throw powder on my face, hope my mascara is in place, grab my keys, sprint out the door,
You like me, I like you. We got together, And I'm happy 'cause it's true.   You see me, And I see you. Both of us smile 'Cause it's what we always do.   When I kiss you,
I am writing this poem to get a scholarship, you guys have some extra cash and I need a lot of it.
He waded through the water anxious, like flame in the wind.  The molecules engulfed his feet  entirely, washing his sin.  The night's stars were gleaming bright, crying out to him. 
Hope is a knife, faith is murder. She cries out to you, but you haven't heard her, because the truth is you don't care, and deep down she knows, but her hope is just the thorns on a wilted rose.
In the darkness of the room I hear your still, cold breaths I hold a candle light infront of my broken body I uncover the mask you hide behind   Discovering something wild You are standing there
  Dysphoria Sucks   These feelings can suck my non-existent dick but shit That just makes the dysphonia worse doesn’t it?   My dysphoria peaks when my estrogen levels do
The subtle disease Of creeping intelligence Is the glorified undoing Of a wondering mind. Up rises the curiosity With every take  Every hit As the power to control  Dominates the eyes. 
I stole a piece of the sun’s heart And kept her rays for you I called them my Sunshine My always greatest treasure   But even treasures wilt Like flowers on a summer day
She lost all sense of love As she still weeps from the memories. When she lost her womanhood In a whirlwind of helplessness and blood.
This sweet child of mine The joys, the tears, the time Words can not define This sweet child of mine   Every milestone he completes Can often follow with some defeat
Gray, rainy day Though the sun shines outside Ain’t no thing to study. Racketous roar ripping through my silence, Her pale face, rigid as stone Flattening my smile, And my fear-widened eyes,
Innocence stolen without one's permissionInnocence gone without one's submission Innocence lost through one's own planInnocence lost by not defining what is a man
Deep within the forest, inside the pine tree’s heart, Run the dearest of children to their own land set apart, The sun on the dirt, the trail well known, But to all who thread it a question is thrown,  
Once upon a time a boy loved a girl, He thought she owned the whole world, So he listened to every word she said, And slowly, but surely, he climbed into her bed. The ache of her absence is more than he can bare,
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
Once a girl was happy, light, and loved. She was white and beautiful and shown like a dove. she never did anything wrong, only did what was right. she learned it’s not okay to be colorful here, only white.
Yesterday is gone my dear friend, it has already come to an end. With all its blunders and its tears, follies,defeats and other fears.   The endless tears you may have wept,
Small Ones Alarm clocks hum in melodic increments Within the uniform raised ranchesWith the three car garagesThe golden retrieversAnd slightly wind-battered fences
Will this gun violence ever stop? Will we have to wait till we've heard the trigger click of the last glock?
You stare at your reflection, Sighing at your imperfect complexion. Your now “okay” haircut that’s past the trend, And your pouty face you try to defend.
Its something we have to come to terms with We see it face to face day by day But we dont realize it becasue until we have completed the maze that has us going a new way.
Tell me. Is there a miracle cure for "this?" Because I'm not immune to the sleepless nights-- applying for college Because I'm not immune to the aching fingers of my hands-- typing in essays for scholarships
I'm sitting at my window, It's hot, Everyone on the block awaits for the wind to blow, Blue skies, Clear minds, Letting my words form and flow, As if in labor, Words are born and prepared to go,
I write to remember...
The children venture Into still deeps of forest, its edges ink black, A wall of silence. Their lantern held high Aloft, a sole point of light Within the void, Without the night.
Up on the polar ice, A family looms. Their beautiful snowy coats Glistening In the small sunlight left. Soon the icy winter Will pull through.   The cubs snuggle
I write because the words give me no rest. They are voices in my mind and they pester and whine to be set free They are soldiers waging war their battle cries both music and
I've heard and lived in such a place, where fear is no such thing.  Where happiness its cheery queen and laughter its lofty king.   Some do recall this wonderland a burden held upon them; where happiness and sounds of joy are envy growing on them.
In autumn we looked for deer skullswith our palms outstretched,thinking that if we were deerwe’d long for children to collectfragments of our bodies in armfuls -wrap them up like sea glass,
Past the midnight hour, Much closer to three Sat a young girl Pressed up against a glaring screen. It was summer time you see, The internet was calling her name. In the web of truthful lies,
When I was born I was given a heart Not eyes, ears, or hands to start. When I was five I was given hands to touch and feel my simple toy pots and pans
I slam what I will I slam for what I'm not For who are we to judge Who is or not shot? This case is a war That creased the line between worlds Defining our separation  Splitting boys and girls.
Song of Innocence: A bright light shining,  Shining and radiating proudly  O’er the land; Proudly illuminating the poor Hovel, the crumbling
  Imagine there’s no sleeping. Say goodbye to dreams and nightmares. Spending all your time day dreaming. There’d be no reason for a bed. Yawing would be pointless, Because sleeping would be dead.
the blind woman sees, she sees with her hands. you cower.   your little child sins, rocks in your belly. she knows.   you hit your sister, neglected your cat. you cry.
A time bomb of innocence     Beginning from the first pain. 30 minutes of the time, molested away.                            "Dont tell, Dont tell," the sinner would say.
  The partridge swings happily in the tree, For some reason it cannot see, The death day is drawing near, And the partridge doesn't show fear, A cat awaits from afar,
Today I became angry with GodWhom I do not believe in
Your words sound as sweet as the morning dew and yet thy words play with my gentle heart too innocent to unveil what flew through thy humbling failures cast us apart   A small bird I am doth sing my tune
She watches the world Not saying a word Playing silently with her doll When her parent's heads are turned She cuts her doll apart "No one is this perfect"
It all started when he said loved me. When he would hold my hand tightly as if I would slip away if he didn't.
it’s hard to love when you don’t even love yourself you have some problems but too afraid to ask for help you don’t want this to be the reason why you take your last breath
Sleep my little girl, Drift into a spacious world. Fly with your wings above the sky, Sleep your little curious eyes. Follow your heart and let it be, 'Cause everything will be a surprise.
I met a boy when I was only sixteen,
In the meadow we played. The wind picking up the lace trim on our white dresses The sun kissing our faces. You sang a sweet melody I followed with the harmony.
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I. For the first time in a long while, I went to my jewelry box, a place Of cameos and my mother’s earrings, And took out my necklace of delicate gold And settled it on my collarbone
Only a facade, her innocence Her actions along with her appearance make others tense They see a sinner, but small and quite sweet The most darling whore they’d ever meet Her sin is lust, physical and lush
Splintered amongst our feet, the birchwood door we have come to love. Gave comfort in time of refreshment. Praised security with needless fear. --A deep sigh in the stress--
Blue like ice, Shines like stars, Brings joy to every heart. Makes you happy when you're sad, Makes you wonder why you're mad. Makes you laugh, Makes you cry.
It is so magnificent and gold the key in which you hold the lock that it fits in is skinny as a tiny pin it is not worth money or cents for inside it hold a women's... innocence
Beautiful, submissive, and enduring sufferer! You were the lamb imprisoned within a den of wolves. Abandoned in this world, you understood cruelty’s impermanence. The deepest admiration from my heart’s deepest vaults you summoned.
Walking in the black mist, I feel an impending sense of doom. I see nature on either side of me, But I feel all alone.
come sit by my side. i waited for you twenty seven years. vain fantasies and aches and eventual numbness.
Mommy, why are my hands so small? Why does everyone say I look like you when I don’t see it at all? Why do you say I have ocean blue eyes and run your hands through my hair when it’s nothing but dry?
Sofi stumbles over, Mr. Lincoln in tow-- dented, matte, oxidized-- shouts, “eins, zwei, drei…”
I've never met Prince Charming Never had a "noble knight" I am my own stability I've been my only light You've killed me with your lack of words I've suffocated in neglect
I can’t help but feel this sense of regret In every blink, in every breath. I forced myself ahead a step; Forgot what it was that I should have kept. Curiosity breached as temptation crept
I miss the innocence in elementary 
 when we were k-i-s-s-i-n-g 
in a tree, you and me, 
because I’d rather worry about cooties than an STD. 
You see,
 when a boy liked a girl, he could almost guarantee
(poems go here) Dark, deep Marbles in a pallet of white Pale, like a moonbeam Tired. Haunted. Human. Five fingered truths Paired with misery, Joy sustains Fleetingly, lost again
And there I was In your bed Thinking about being young And what I would’ve said.
We're broken from the inside out tell me where do we go now in these dark nights and hopeless times when all our faith runs out
Oh what is it? Is it a vortex of peace surrounded by colors of purity? Or maybe it lifeless sin as pure as a radiant sunflower? Something so mystic and chaste- surely only found in a fantasy.
Sometimes it’s like I can still feel her little fingers Pushing their way through the monkey bars of her cage, Still feel the gashes she made trying to claw her way out.
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere Grows the perfect rose Never before seen by man Kissed by God when the wind blows. Seated into the earth With strong roots running deep Beauty gleaming in the sunshine Making the strongest angels weep.
The little girl swayed As the wind took her Along the path where she laid Her head down and sang A little song for a little girl.
It keeps her heart sweet, her mind pure, But they still are unable to find a cure. While others wont keep her feelings in mind, She gives them love of a different kind.
(poems go here) (A young boy is being interviewed on the happenings at Conneticut Elementary. He tries to get it out as best he can, but his feelings right now are a mixture of emotions his soul has never encountered. He begins to speak)
Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare, Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there, Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
Government—take to court the injustices all about; Find not a solution, so at thy enemies flout: With thy sovereign voice shout down the other man And send to war the Poor, the slaves from your clan;
I see a little boy Getting teased Screaming in anger With tears pouring down his face Called to the front And punished for his only defense Face drawn Resignated silence Without the strength
Lovely, curly head This is you, in me form, Giving you a message simpler than a worm, Remember how you used to hate those? Lovely, curly head Don’t ever give up Don’t ever lose hope
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