Little Girl


Little girl, dressed in white

Sleeping in her room so tight


Unaware of what is wrong

As the world moves forward on


Until one day, a dorr gaped wide

Where walls before had stood with pride.


Fingers of light reached within,

A sun shining on with a bright yellow grin


Creeping forward, the girl peered out,

Stepping once on a brand new route


And as she stepped, she saw with gleeful mien

A field of color, bright yellow and green.


And as she traipsed under sky so blue,

She stained her skirt in places two


Streaks of green, like fingers long

Reaching out in envy strong


Why whould she have to leave this place?

'Twas hers to find, and hers to take


So as she stepped beyond that door

It closed her quiet place forevermore


She walked bravely on with feet turned west

A thought in her head that 'twas all for the best


And soon she reached a city, black

With smoke reaching high from the tall smokestack


Walking forward in a place far too mean

She met a man dressed all in green


His teeth baring out in a grin far too wide

He offered a job, then put her aside


So in the dark, she worked alone

For years and years, like a dark lonely stone


Each day she was treated like the trash underfoot

Her face and skirt smudged with the grainy, black soot.


'Til one day she heard a rap on the door

And another man stumbled in on the floor


He was dressed all in blue, with his face drawn up tight

And he said to her softly, "Well aren't you a sight."


He took her away, from the man with the store,

And he set her up nicely to labor no more


At first there were flowers, piled high in lap

But he later denied she walk out, in fear of a trap.


She pleaded and begged, to this man who she loved

"Please let me go out, to this world you speak of"


Let me find for myself, what all this is about

Let me out," she pleaded "Let me out."


He refused once again and took to the drink

In solitude and fear of what his lover thinks


So as the flowers shriveled, curled up on her knees

The girl cried alone, no longer at ease


She dare not ask again, for fear of his hand

Which once had caressed her, now there to command


And when it was done with the anger and drink

It returned to attempt to wipe off the red ink


No longer was the world a trap out the door

But a prison inside, with the house and its chores 


So the girl, being brave, crept out in the night

To leave her poor lover, 'til he regained his true sight


She fled to the place where she started this life

The room with the walls painted nothing but white


Past the smokestack drowning in soot full of fear

Past the field where she had once pranced like a deer


Over bridges and roads, she ran through the night

'Til once more the room was again in her sight


She collapsed at the spot where the door

And she pounded the walls as hard as she could


Weeping softly she cried "Let me in, let me in!"

And she sank to the ground, wishing to be within


And as morning came, her last wish was granted

And the door disappeared, as if enchanted


She crawled on inside, and sat down on the floor

Bringing her knees to her chin, wishing for it to be as before


But the stains on her skirt stood out in contrasr

Resisting her wishes the memories held fast


Green fingers of envy that started this trip

Black smudges of ash that made fearful heads dip


Red splotches of anger, and yellow petals of love

Brown from the mud she had just rose out of


"And finally," she cried sinking down on the floor

"Blue, from the tears that are shed more and more."


And there she stayed as long as she may

Hoping and wishing to blend into the old way.



Really powerful poem! I love all the symbolism with the colors, so beautiful! If I could make one comment, there were times where the rhyming felt a little awkward. It also fit very well in some places. I think it could be be even more powerful if you had a mix of rhyming and not rhyming.

I love it!

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