Saturday Night


Saturday night:

you were at some party getting drunk

and maybe hooking up –

I was dancing alone on the soccer fields,

high on starlight,

feeling every atom in me spinning with life

so intoxicated I envisioned worlds

that don’t exist yet,

where if we get cut, we’ll bleed out love

so we’ll open our veins like

it’s our last chance, it’s our only option

we’ll build a better reality out of the light

we’ve spilled from inside us

we’ll call it Heaven – because it is,

and all of the stars will be wishing on us

because our cathedrals will have no walls

when all the world is sacred and holy

the trees will form the pillars with branches reaching up

like flying buttresses to hold the sky.


And sanity: I want no part of you

if crazy means I see in possibilities

and believe that we can build them –

See, I’m clinging to my innocence in the one way I know how

with my arms thrown wide to embrace the sky

and come what may I will hold these hands high

to catch the stars as they’re falling

and these scars on my palms will be the proof

that I carried their fire.


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