All I Need

I don't need a big mansion

Nor a lot of money

I don't need fancy clothes

Nor a brand new car

I don't need fame

Nor the glory of it

All I need is love

Whether it's family

A soulmate

A friend


All I need is, is love

Love is so many things

It is hope

It is tenderness

It is compassion

It is mercy

It is forgiveness

And understanding.

I'm not talking about lust

Nor twitterpation

But real love

The love you feel

when your mother holds you close

And says it'll be okay

The love you see in your father

Everytime he leaves to work

The love you see in a person's eyes

And they don't even have to say it

Cause they show it

And this world needs that kind of love

It's so full of ate

Everyone's hating everyone else

Our world is a Narssisit

It prays on the weak

The hungry

The poor the rich

The innocent the tainted

So it seems

This world needs

A little love too

And I'm sure the same for me

Is the same for you

All you need is love

But one more thing

I need to say

This world could be

A better place

And love is the only thing

That the evil in this world

Can never take

People can take away our freedom

They can take away our human dignity

They can strip us of our pride

But they can't change what's inside

Unless we let them

We need love

So let us make a difference

Let us make a change

Let us tell the world

All it needs is love

Just a little bit of love

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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