Love of a Different Kind


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It keeps her heart sweet, her mind pure,
But they still are unable to find a cure.
While others wont keep her feelings in mind,
She gives them love of a different kind.

She sings, dances, laughs, runs,
Has a light that shines greater than any sun.
She is sixteen, but acts under nine,
And she gives love of a different kind.

While other bully her, taunt and tease,
Her mind locks it out, they can't get the keys.
I love her more than anyone could find,
Because she has love of a different kind.

Austism is real, it isn't a joke,
It makes my sister love every type of folk
She might never understand how or why,
But she gives love of a different kind.

Love that is pure, love that is just,
A love where she puts all of her trust.
She knows no better, she knows not why
She just gives love of a different kind.

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This is beautiful, really really beautiful. Eloquent and emotional in all the right ways.

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