Lovely, curly head


United States
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Lovely, curly head
This is you, in me form,
Giving you a message simpler than a worm,
Remember how you used to hate those?
Lovely, curly head
Don’t ever give up
Don’t ever lose hope
Don’t ever stay back, and
Always run on track.
Lovely, curly head
Wall might be closing, causing dismay
But don’t worry, you can walk up and jump them away
Rain might be on your sideThrowing thunders that seemed no to dry
But at the end, your troubles will die.
Lovely, curly head
Avoid phony foes
Stand as far then as so close
Remember the afternoons that to be forever happy you chose
Warm nights; sweets that make you dose.
Lovely, curly head
Enjoy it all
And don’t leave anything, but give your whole
Don’t fool yourself with prince charming
The one you love, but the one who leaves without a warning
Lovely, curly head
Differences there always would be
Learn to love, but love more to forgive.


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