Tue, 01/28/2014 - 15:48 -- KTsall


It ran away some time ago, or perhaps it was stolen. 

Not by a man, a drug, or a mix of the two. 

It was stolen by the world.

Stolen by you.


Innocence is innante-

we are born with a brain that's a  "white blank slate."

Then why in our history

do we see guns, weapons, and bombs?

There is no mystery.

We are afraid of our kind's own beauty,

and intimidated by the fact that others are born

with the gift to love one another fully.

A man and a man. A woman and a woman. 

We can't segregate the bathrooms for that one now can we?

We don't hide behind masks, we hide behind phones.

We are typipng so blindly on our self-absorbed, self-proclaimed thrones. 

There is no excuse

for a world that teaches their children to accept and deliver abuse.

The good in people is never seen, when all that's shown are murders on the news screen,

God not even our sports teams are safe-

steroids helped him win that race.

Speaking of God does anybody speak of God anymore?

Church has been neglected for parties and drugs and sex,

everything it teaches you to ignore.


Maybe my innocence did run away. It searched too long for the best in others-

something the world couldn't display.

Maybe the world stole my optimism when my innocence escaped.

Maybe this is how life goes.

Maybe this is fate.






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