An oppertunist

Today I decided to show a little more skin, to feel a bit more sexier, to show off my womanly features that belong to MY body. So help me if I so happen to become a victim of violation, harrassment or dare I say, rape. If my ads gets grabbed from beneath my short skirt or if someone grabs my wrists and drags me into a dark alley way, thrusts me up against a wall as hands clutch tightly around my throat, with eyes believing that I wanted this, saying I asked for it, I had it coming. As if my skin was an invitation for this abuse and violation. It is not etched into my skin, it isn't carved by my bones into my showing flesh, my eyes did not seek it, my mind did not think it so don't you dare believe I wanted it, my voice did not ask for it! You decided it!
If a little girl was molested and violated by a grown man. Nobody in their right mind would say that it was her fault that She should have been wearing a shirt while playing around Or acting more civilized and less seductive. She has nothing there! She's as flat as a board! She acts and lives as a little girl should! But someone would blame her, and that person is herself. She was confused and did not understand what she did, how she could have acted to turn on a man, to appear to a full grown man, a fatherly figure, as a woman when she was only a girl. So ya she must have been to blame, it must have been her fault, Why else would he touch her the way he did? BUT let me tell you this, it is NEVER the victims fault! These people are sick and twisted, they feed off of the weak and vulnerable. They are opportunists they see a chance, something that they like and they seize it, they wait for it and they take it! Even when it's not theirs to take. They are phycotic barely human, they have no feelings no empathy or regret, they don't see people, they don't see innocence or confidence, they don't hear NO, and stop means go to them. They see oppertunities, their sick needs, desires getting clenched, and that's all they see.

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