This Life Is Yours


I miss the way life use to be,

When living was easy and always carefree.

Now we fight with love and hate,

Its up to us, to mold our fate.

We raise our voices,

And make our choices,

Right or wrong,

We go along,

Down life's twisting road,

Questioning why we never let our feelings show.

I wish that I could again be,

That little girl, who would always dream.

No nightmares ever clouded my thoughts,

Tortures and terrors that I never fought.

But as we grow older,

Our worlds become colder.

We struggle with everyday obstructions,

While we fight against the world's corruption

Its from the shadows that the brave emerge,

Its in the streets we will converge.

No longer hiding from the criticism of society,

We can change this words reality.

It takes a voice to make a change,

It takes one's hands to rearrange,

It takes one's faith to brave an alter,

It takes one's tears to show a falter.

There is no great difference between you and I,

There is but little difference between adult and child,

While adult is more mature of the two,

It is the innocence of a child that always shines though.

It is light and dark that show the greatest difference,

But light always fights with a greater resistance.

With its stretching rays of eternal grace,

It shines it's light on everyone's face.

It is in the light where many fears lie,

It is the hardest part of those painful goodbyes.

The blood is fresh, and the bruises are deep,

We wonder why it is a tormented sleep.

We fight the tears and fight the lies,

But in the end, we all will die.

Lucky for us, the good prevail,

No longer our breath, we can exhale.

This poem is finally at it's end,

It has been a way to let thoughts begin.

My words are deep, melancholy, and true,

This life is yours, what will you do?



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