Yesterday,Today and Tommorow


Yesterday is gone my dear friend,

it has already come to an end.

With all its blunders and its tears,

follies,defeats and other fears.


The endless tears you may have wept,

the many nights you wouldn’t have slept.

The painful hurts your heart received,

The friends and family whom you deceived


Putting on a happy face and smiling,

when deep inside you were crying.

The painful guilt of hurting the people you love

and the guilt of not acknowledging the one above.


Anger,Hatred,Jealousy and the Fear of failing

the fear that hurts you and leads to wailing.

Erase the horrid bitterness of your past,

to the sweet happy memories hold fast.


The beautiful surprise a loved one gave.

A friend you’d hurt, forgot and forgave.

Kind strangers that came to your rescue in need,

God’s loving angels are they indeed.


A warm hug, a sweet kiss and a happy smile.

The success you achieved by running that extra mile.

The joy of helping and giving to people in need.

The blessings you counted before doing a good deed.


The motivation to do something better than the best ,

a loved one gave to see you rise above the rest.

“I love you” ,”God bless” or a simple “take care”.

The dreams, the joys, the troubles you share


With family and friends binded with love.

It’s a grace from the loving father above.

Yesterday is gone my dear friend,

it has already come to an end.

With all its goodness and joy filled tears,

love and sweet memories that erase all your fears.


Thank God for all that’s gone by so far dear.

 Don’t worry what lies ahead do not fear.

Just trust and give everything to him,

fill your hearts with faith till the brim.

Do the best you can today,

like there’s no tomorrow, no other day.


by Anna Paul


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