A Snake

Fri, 10/18/2019 - 00:58 -- Arah93

I do not want to die. 


A temple alone 

Gods so beautiful and worshipped 

But I so beautiful and cursed 

Do they hurt? 

Do they weep? 

Do they ever feel, as damned as me? 


Cool water, light splash 

Never have I laughed, in a way like that. 

Blue eyes, soft gaze 

Divine grace of sympathy. 

At last, someone listens to me. 


My first friend. 



Wind turns to roars

Waves become rash, 

And I, 


I crash. 


This is not how it goes.

Beauty should not be owned,

Or indebted,

Or manipulated,

Or told to be quiet, 

When it begs to be let go.


A tsunami, we both crash.


My tears cannot erase, 

Immense jealousy, beyond the human race. 


With a crown of venom.

A murderous stare. 

No one can look, no one can stay 

No man, no woman, no friend, no enemy

May call my name. 



All because I desired to share my pain. 

If I had known I would have ran away. 

Jealousy broke my heart,

Lust silenced my soul, 

Power took my voice, 

A baby grows on its own. 


I wish it could live, like I never did. 

But it will run its whole life. 

Until it drowns,

To beautiful blue eyes.




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