in Vain



Will this gun violence ever stop?

Will we have to wait till we've heard the trigger click of the last glock?

Shooters and killers pray on streets day by day, killing young children whose bright futures could have paved the way. Their lives ripped away from them before it even gets to begin, they have to face the same fate like some or most of their friends. To imagine the terror that fill the eyes that were at one moment so full of a childs joy is... unimaginable. To think of their screams in vain filling the elementary school which once held the reason for their laughter is now... unthinkable. And to believe that someone could stare a crying child in the eyes and pull the trigger is... unbelieveable.

But it happens. Life goes on. And gun violence is still reigning strong.

Were their screams really in vain?

Will these things change or stay the same?





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