Today I became angry with God
Whom I do not believe in

I became angry with God
For making people believe all those littlechildrenwere meant to slamonto concrete,hot lead lodged in little lungs, blood staining chalk hop scotch outlines,classrooms turned into war zones, because He needed new angels.
 I became angry with God 
Because babies don’t care about
Gun control and
Government and
The second fuckingamendment.
I became angry with God because every little life lost never got to know if Santa thought they were nice or naughty
If they’d get that new pink bike
If reindeer really fly
If Santa can find them even if they don’t have a chimney.
I became angry with God because every night there will be a stuffed animal unloved
A bed cold as ice
A mother sobbing in anguish as her child rests six feet under.
I became angry at God because there is no one else to be angry at. 
 I do not believe in God.
I’d be angry too often if I did.



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