Innocence Incarnate


Innocence born,

maintain, keep it warm.

Show the world this innocence incarnate,

the world will see and start to hate.

They'll laugh and point saying "you won't get some",

because it doesn't know the meaning of the word "cum".


Innocence corrupted,

try to reconstruct it.

They'll tease and pick,

because it blushes at the sight of a dick.

And they'll laugh without end,

sending it around the bend,

because the worst insult it knows is "poopy head".


Innocence is broken,

found to be unspoken,

It rushes to the theater,

trying to preserve a dying creature.


Innocence is slipping,

the clock still keeps ticking.

The sight of nude bodies

and strange hobbies

make it diffucult for this creature to stay.

"Learn the lines, fit the costume, apply make up, you're someone else today."

Innocence can't be saved.


It's dark behind the curtain,

the little one is left uncertain.

Maintain the innocence?

Or let it die in the instant?

"The world is a stage"

Let it hide in a cage.

The curtain rises,

revieling the new guises.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"

If it stays there, it's safety is certain.


Innocence is hidden,

it's revelation is forbidden.

Don't show the world this innocence incarnate,

it's safe behind the curtain,

away from the audience's gaze.


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