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it’s hard to love when you don’t even love yourself
you have some problems but too afraid to ask for help
you don’t want this to be the reason why you take your last breath
you thought he was the one so you gave him your virginity
now because of him you think every man is the enemy
you though he loved but it was all lies
you hurt because you had given up what’s between your thighs
and now tears drops drip from your brown pretty eyes
truth be told you really wasn’t really in love with him
you were in love with that thought of
now you see how sometimes the light can dim
and now you see that somethings are just pretend
you’re hurt and you can see yourself fade away
from life like family do after the holidays
now its the holidays and your’e all alone
you get a call and a text but you ignore the phone
you don’t want to talk but don’t want to be let alone
it’s about time that you air it out and quit dissing the people that you care about
no need to be embarrassed about what was done to you
now that you’ve learned be humble and let time nurture you
because in time things like these will further you
a friend once told you those exact words but
i’m not sure if the message was really heard
you can kick the curb all you want but
we all know that wont work


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