Reality setting in

Steps away from death
Minutes away from the end
As here I stand, my crossroads
Everything I thought I knew
“Kill or be Killed?”
The words
The taste of poison off my tongue
To save a life?
Her life?
Is it worth it?

I don’t want her to die,
“But… to kill him…”
Would break it apart
My already broken mind
It’s pushing me to the brink

I’m so conflicted
I’m so confused
As doubt takes hold
“Will I fail?”
The question
“Fail to save all at stake?”
Blood rushes and Pressure builds
“All that’s come to matter?”
Behind my eyes I’m cracking
“If another life lost…
One so close
I couldn’t do it
Go on…

“Go on,
His voice echoes cold to the bone
Or I will.”
It’s clear – He means it
Someone has to die
I feel my heart
It tears itself asunder

I didn’t even consider this
Not even a flicker
Across the plane of my mind

I was idealistic
And now I just don’t know
“What will happen?”
The question…
The deepest question
Has yet an answer

For all my trying,
This is how it ends?
I was foolish
I was arrogant
I am a fool, crowned king
Nothing less
Nothing more

My decision?
I don’t know!
I’m pathetic…
It’s all pathetic…
Like glass it all shatters
And secrets scatter to the wind
Carrying us to the end

He raises it
Cocking it back
Gleaming black of metal
Finger on the trigger
“Last chance, hero.”
His voice as burning venom
Pointing it at her

For one small fact, I’m grateful
That she’s unconscious
I hear it, loud as thunder
The click
My descision…

As reality sets…
the Gun sounds…



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Our world


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